Publish to Private Repositories

08 Nov 2013

I'd like to see the ability to publish code to private repositories. This would be of great benefit to people trying to develop commercial projects using the online compiler. Right now I'm evaluating the online compiler for potential use on a new project at work, but the inability to publish code to private repositories means I will have to copy and paste libraries between projects and try to keep them synchronized manually. At best, this is a pain in the butt. I realize there are unlisted repositories, but management doesn't feel they're secure enough.

19 Jan 2014

I would like to see this also. For the same reasons.

20 Jan 2014


This is something we're currently looking at and is likely to be part of the next beta version, so keep your eye out for the beta release announcement.



13 Mar 2014


Private repositories are available now.


14 Mar 2014

Wow, awesome ! :D