Beta compiler + mbed-src + KL25Z

24 Jul 2013

The title summarises it pretty well. Maybe it is known and due to beta status, but just to be sure: If I use the mbed-src library for the KL25Z and have beta mode enabled I get alot of error messages, such as:

""/src/mbed-src/vendor/Freescale/KL25Z/cmsis/GCC_CW_NEWLIB/startup_MKL25Z4.s", line 1 (column 4): Error: A1163E: Unknown opcode File: , expecting opcode or Macro" in file "/"
24 Jul 2013

Hi Erik, the problem was caused by the upload of a couple of toolchain directories that are unknown by the online compiler: we removed them now and the build should be fixed.

Cheers, Emilio