Bug. HTML <script></script> tag declaration in as a character array

10 Jul 2013

I have a websocket server and i store my HTML pages in header files. It seems like the compiler cannot save a <script> tag as a character array. I minimized my header files to find the problem and a simple example is if I create a character array in a header file as such:

const char string[]="<script>\r\n </script>\r\n";

if I save the file, close it and open it again it looks like this:

<script>\r\n </script>const char string[]="\r\n";

I have tried multiple approaches such as using strcpy and strcat to append the "<script>\r\n" and "</script>\r\n" to my strings but every time I save the file and close it the formating is off when i open it again. The only workaround I have found so far is to save the file externaly and copy the content each time I open the compiler. I tried saving the file in both chrome and firefox to make sure it is not the web browser. Please help.

11 Jul 2013


I used a different format for my character array so there is no "<script>" in the file

const char string[]="<scr" "ipt>\r\n </sc" "ript>\r\n";

14 Jul 2013

Hi Ivan,

Thank you for the bug report and for the quick workaround.
We fixed the bug you reported already, but it won't be available until the next official release.
Please let us know if you spot any other issue.