mbed Compiler - Github Support

24 Feb 2013

Would anyone else be interested in seeing Github support on the mbed compiler - they have an api so it would be possible to implement, though I guess if nobody wants it, it isn't going to happen.

24 Feb 2013

I really want git support on mbed online compiler. If git got supported, we can write codes offline, and push it via git to mbed web site!! mbed compiler's editor is well developed, but I'm loving to write code with my favorite editor. In addition, we (Japanese) can't write comments in Japanese on mbed online editor...

25 Feb 2013

Hi there,

Firstly, it's far more likely that we would have bitbucket support sooner than github support, as mercurial support is already integrated into the mbed online compiler.

Secondly, mbed actually already provides the functionality of github/bitbucket - you can create public repositories which are theoretically accessible from your desktop PC. What we haven't yet done is enable external access to those repositories. Right now the repositories are only used within mbed.

So before adding support to external code sharing platforms we would probably want to get our own code sharing platform opened up to the outside world. Can't give you any firm timescales on that but it's good to know that people are interested in the feature.



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