Virus on mbed?

22 Jan 2010

The first thing my computer did when I plugged in the mbed is remove the autorun.inf file which Kaspersky claims is a Worm.Win32.Autorun.efq. Since it won't let me open the file I have no clue what is in it and the html page is still there and works. Was Kaspersky just being overly cautious?

22 Jan 2010

mbed does not have an autorunf.inf file on its drive. Sounds to me like you have an active trojan which is trying to infect any new drives that are plugged in.

22 Jan 2010

When I first plugged in my 1768 I got the same message.  I am running Windows 7 with AVG.



22 Jan 2010 . Edited: 22 Jan 2010


If anyone else sees this problem, please contact


23 Jan 2010

Chris, I purchased 2 Mbed's at the same time but only opened 1 of them that I mention above.  This morning I opened the second mbed and plugged it into a different machine of mine, that runs Windows XP and has the same version of AVG as my windows 7 box, and it too see's an autorun file and claims it is infected with a virus.



25 Jan 2010

Same here when I plugged in my 1768 for the first time. Win 7 and F-secure claimed there is a virus (some sort of autorun). Later I plugged in the mbed in my Linux machine and deleted the autorun file and recyler folder (that windows apparently created).