fork problem

11 Jan 2013

Some time ago, i ran into following issues.

1. Deleting repositories

Perhaps this is not an error but designed to be this way, anyhow, here it is:

I published code as 'Program - Public (unlisted)' and added another user as 'Developer'. Next i created a fork of this program and changed ot into a libary. All this worked flawless. Since the original code was obsolete, i decided to delete that repository. Much to my surprise, the forked library also got deleted.

Is this an error or is it designed to work this way. If this is designed to work this way, then perhaps users creating forked programs/libraries will run into the same problem?

2. Re-publish deleted fork

I decided to re-publish the deleted fork using the same name. It got published but the page mentiones it is a fork of its own. Not really a problem since the code is available, but worth mentioning.

3. Import a program or library from the 'history' page

On one of my public repositories, i opened the 'history' page, selected a revision and clicked the 'Files at this revision' option. The 'import...' button shows the correct link (verified the properties by right clicking on the button) but upon clicking the button, the latest revision is put into the mbed compiler instead of the selected one. Perhaps this is related to the first issue since these actions were performed on the re-published repository. I don't know if this also occurs on other repositories.

This one is really annoying since we can't import older revisions.

19 Jan 2013

Hi Frank, and thanks for posting.

Regarding deleting libraries - it should not make any difference to other libraries when you delete one, regardless of forks. I haven't been able to reproduce the problem you had, unfortunately. If the problem happens again please let me know.

Issue 2, looks like a bug, so thanks for the report, and we'll get it fixed.

For item 3 - yes - the import button imports the library and by default takes you to the latest revision. You can however easily switch to any previous revisions from the Revisions panel of the Compiler.

Changing the import button so that it is aware of the currently selected revision is an good suggestion - one we'll consider!

Thanks again,


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