Welcome to Bugs & Suggestions!

13 Jan 2010

As part of the site update I've just done, we now have multiple forums. This is Bugs and Suggestions, and it's purpose is hopefully self-explanatory! Feel free to start a new topic about anything you may have posted in the Bugs and Suggestions topic in the main forum.

This is also a good place for general discussion about the development of mbed (as opposed to development on mbed).

Have fun,


15 Dec 2010

2 times in the last wk I have seen a focus problem in the IDE of the Compiler. The keyboard focus get stuck on the left pane (tree view, files/folder/projects). I was trying to arrow around in the code pane (right), but even after clicking & double clicking code in the code pane, no luck. The IDE was even selecting the code words that I double-clicked. Closed browser to fix. Windows 7, IE8.

If you ahve ideas on what to check or try next time then let me know.


15 Dec 2010

It would be nice if there was a STOP Compile button or keyboard key.

15 Dec 2010

Hi greg,

Can you confirm whether this was on the live or beta version of the site?

We'll look at adding a stop button or equivalent.



15 Dec 2010

Simon, that's so much for your response.

This was the beta version. Certain of it. How often does it happen? Well let's say I have logged 15 hrs of use in the Beta version, and that I have perhaps switched focus between the left & right pane about a hundred times...Not very often.

If it happens again I can try other suggestions. Let me know.