Strange bug - MBED compiler with "mbed-STM32F030F4" library and NUCLEO-F030R8 board.

03 Oct 2019

Sorry - My English is bad.

I used it for three years and everything was okay. All this time I used stm32f030 board (with external 8MHz quartz) . When compiling, I changed only constants. It is now impossible to compile code using this library. When compiling, an error occurs: Error: Internal error. Info: Unable to download. Fix the reported errors....

Until this time, it worked perfectly. Yesterday and today - it is impossible to compile. I really need to use an external quartz, if use NUCLEO-F031K6 board or NUCLEO-F030R8 board without mbed-STM32F030F4 library ( ) - external quartz does not work.

Have You any solution to this problem?

18 Oct 2019

Hi Vsevolod,

We've change default compiler of online compiler from Arm C5 to Arm C6, so there might be some compatible problems, would you try using mbed studio , that would give you more flexible control and debug information.

Thanks, Desmond

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