Strange bug - MBED compiler with "mbed-STM32F030F4" library and NUCLEO-F030R8 board.

03 Oct 2019

Sorry - My English is bad.

I used it for three years and everything was okay. All this time I used stm32f030 board (with external 8MHz quartz) . When compiling, I changed only constants. It is now impossible to compile code using this library. When compiling, an error occurs: Error: Internal error. Info: Unable to download. Fix the reported errors....

Until this time, it worked perfectly. Yesterday and today - it is impossible to compile. I really need to use an external quartz, if use NUCLEO-F031K6 board or NUCLEO-F030R8 board without mbed-STM32F030F4 library ( ) - external quartz does not work.

Have You any solution to this problem?

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