Permissions to "Edit Mbed Enabled Features" - can I get them?

31 Dec 2018

I authored and maintain the RA8875 Based Display library.

I do have permissions to "Edit this component". After some recent work to the library, and updating of that page, I noticed the "Edit Mbed Enabled Features". I wasn't sure exactly what that was (so naturally I clicked on it). I soon after discovered that it provides filtering for the hardware and components searching, but I didn't find a combination where any components appeared after applying a filter.

As a "component" library provider, I'm not sure what the expectations are, so I wanted to use my own interpretation - to indicate known compatibility with OS versions. I've extensively used OS 2, and done a fair amount of testing with 5.9 and 5.10, so I wanted to indicate that compatibility to make it easy to find a display - known to work.

And a small side-note:

This is on the "Edit Mbed Enabled Features" pageThis is on the Components "Filter" page
Hint: It is missing OS 5.11Hint: it is missing OS 5.10 and 5.11

But alas, all I get is "Unauthorized" if I click on them.

Could you enable access to this, or alternately clarify the intent?


03 Jan 2019

Hi David - we're checking on this with our Web team and will report back ASAP.

10 Jan 2019

Hi David - we've learned that only our Partner Enablement team should be editing those fields, so it's an error that you are able to view them. That will be corrected soon with a system update that is coming. Sorry about the confusion!

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