stm32_NUCLEO-L4R5ZI not recognized

17 Dec 2018

Good morning everyone, i have a stm32_NUCLEO-L4R5ZI,

When i plug in it on my Mac OSX 10.14.2, i see the board /media/uploads/DaveCalaway/screen_shot_2018-12-17_at_10.27.35.png but the online Mbed ide does not recognize it:

"Error: Target "NUCLEO_L4R5ZI" is not recognized" "Info: Unable to download. Fix the reported errors..."

I updated the STLink to the last version V2J32M22.

Someone can help me? i tried all guides i found in the Mbed website.

26 Dec 2018

Hi Davide,

Which version of mbed-cli are you using?

Can you use "mbed detect" to see if mbed-cli detecting the target?

Does drag-n-drop download method work for you? In finder, drag the bin image to the STLink drive.

28 Dec 2018

Hi Desmond, i'm using the web compiler:

Do you think that i need to donwload the cli from GitHub? Can i use it with the PlatformIO?

03 Jan 2019

I would say using mbed-cli gives you more benefit for developing, but online compiler is very convenient, so it's up to you.

Platform IO supoprts mbed framwork, you can find more information here

Back you your original question... Can you provide more information, like the screenshot of the error, what example are you using. Doesn't the drag-n-drop method work?

03 Jan 2019

The message "Error: Target "NUCLEO_L4R5ZI" is not recognized" "Info: Unable to download. Fix the reported errors..." seems to be a compilation error from the online compiler and not a MacOS or USB driver issue.

The board seems to be supported by mbed :

Have you added the board to your boards ? (Click the button "Add to your Mbed compiler") ?

After doing this, it creates the mbed "hello world" example : "Nucleo_blink_led". I can compile this (Compile -> Build) for this target without errors.

07 Jan 2019

With the Web Mbed it works.

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