Can we PLEASE have folders in the compiler??

17 Nov 2011

The versioning is great, but folders would be a HUGE help with keeping my sanity... One 'My Programs' category is unhealthy...! I've been contemplating creating a couple different IDs so I can keep my projects separate.. Is that recommended?

01 Apr 2013

I second Mark's suggestion. Folders in the 'Program Workspace' is high on my wish list..

01 Apr 2013

I wish it too. I was thinking (and I think that most of people) in this idea but never was posted. Will be good for users.

02 Apr 2013

Count me in!

14 Sep 2014

Me tooooo!

14 Sep 2014

Indeed, my programs collection is growing to be a little bit too large, and folders would really help.

15 Sep 2014

1 up.

23 Sep 2014

"I can keep my projects separate"

You have separate projects under My Programs. You can choose projects to be visible or not in the My Programs folder. It makes things more complicated if you have several root level folders.

23 Sep 2014

Obviously having several folders would be optional, so people can decide for themselves if it makes it more complicated or not. Personally I consider it vastly less complicated if I can keep my programs more organized, instead of on one big pile.

23 Sep 2014

Me too.... I have so much programs it takes such a long time searching for the how did I do that last time. ...

also please can the default list be in New old date order...



18 Jan 2015

I'm going to "me too" this one, especially with the different platforms available. I've taken to naming the programs by platform, in the short term, but root-level folders would be much more sensible.

18 Jan 2015

I agree. I've been wishing that...

18 Jan 2015

I noticed this some time ago, so I now arrange mine in project/device order and have Target conditional code in most of them. Cut down my list by two thirds.

04 Jun 2015

I agree!! Folders would be most helpful!!

26 Jun 2015

me too

26 Jun 2015

Truly why can't this be implemented,

After all, you can have folders in folders within our various projects.



16 May 2019

Would be so great to add this features 8 years after this request... I'm currently using project prefix to organize them but this is okayish

17 Jul 2019

I'd be sooo greeat if there were Folders ..!

27 Jul 2019

good suggestion, I wish that happened

14 Aug 2019

It is really unthinkable that this capability was not in version 1.0! You want the world to use this great online system which, if happened the workspace (why only one) would quickly become unmanageable. Important quality-of-life feature like this go begging while the interface gets glitzier.