URGENT: USB Firmware Downloading Broken after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

03 Aug 2016

Heads up everyone! I'm unable to download firmware using USB-MSC on most of my boards after installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. So far all of my boards are affected except the mbed LPC11U24 and FRDM-KL25Z. Even more concerning is that the ROM-based bootloaders on my LPC microcontrollers are affected as well. Still looking for a solution...

UPDATE: Here's a "link" to the feedback I sent to Microsoft using the Feedback Hub:

03 Aug 2016

Same problem here on FRDM-KL46Z.

04 Aug 2016

Likewise for the Nucleo F303-RE! However, I discovered that debugger tools still work, as I was able to program and debug from Em::Bitz.

08 Aug 2016

Same here on my Nucleo F411RE. I have a board using an LPC which also has the issue. Wonder what MS changed. Win7 always worked with with drag n drop programming. Win10 has been an issue from the start and this time it's even worse.

08 Aug 2016

Same issue for me, bad surprise after Win10 Anniversary update :(

09 Aug 2016

Hey guys, if you paste that weird link I posted in the Edge browser, it will open the feedback I sent to Microsoft in the Feedback Hub. The more people that upvote it and add comments, the more likely M$ is to fix this.

10 Aug 2016

Upvoted on MS. I can confirm this is the case with the STM32 Nucleo platforms as well as the Multitech mDot platforms.

11 Aug 2016

It is possible to download using a linux VM running on windows. Tested with VirtualBox and Ubuntu 14.04

29 Aug 2016

Good news everyone, looks like Microsoft might have fixed this in KB3176934. I'm re-upgrading my machine, and will confirm whether or not everything works this time.

UPDATE: I've confirmed that this bug has indeed fixed, upgrade away everyone!

17 Nov 2016

Still having issues with FRDM-KL46Z and FRDM-KL25Z boards. Update package KB3176934 is already installed. No issues with ST boards.

The FRDM boards are seen as storage devices from the OS, but fashing bin file fails. In addion, they power cycle once every while (disconnection + reconnection sound on Windows), and any working firmware (flashed from Win7 or Ubuntu) stops working if the board is powered/connected to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update PC.

Can you confirm you are still experiencing problems? Anyone got these boards working with Anniversay Update, if yes, how?

23 Nov 2016

I have a similar problem. that windows 10 machine kill KL25 requiring a firmware reinstall.

the workaround I have found is this see this .. http://rmprepusb.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/disabling-system-volume-information.html

I think its the disabling storage service that makes the difference. after that was applied windows stopped bricking them.

it appears windows ignores various reg keys and writes files onto the kl25 installing process monitor and watching what windows writes can be interesting.

Let me know how you get on


19 Dec 2017

We've posted a blog on this topic a DAPLink release that handles the indexing more gracefully. There are also some steps to recover boards in case of failure. https://os.mbed.com/blog/entry/DAPLink-bootloader-update/

09 Dec 2019

I am also trying to update my windows 10 PC. I have downloaded the Windows10 anniversary updates but at the time of installation it is showing <a href ="https://hptechnicalsupportphonenumbersusa.com/fix-windows-error-0x80248007-hp-device/">windows error 0x80248007</a> .