Suggestion: Code Folding

14 Jun 2011

Can I put in a request for code folding in the editor please?



14 Jun 2011
15 Jun 2011


Perhaps it's a good idea to implement regions as well for code folding.

#region <name>
//code to fold.

A nice extra touch would be to highlight the selected region (if expanded) or dimm the rest. This would make it easier to see borders like public/private sections of c++ classes.


10 Jul 2011

Would be nice a feature like code folding. I suggest other (very useful) feature: Autocompletion. Thanks!

16 Nov 2011

what do you think about a personal syntax color management like notepad++ ? Its pretty easy to add "word" for be colored of many other things.

13 Aug 2013

what do you think about personal code formatter?

<<code title=I'd like wo have>> void foo() { // Do }<</code>>

<<code title=instead of>> void foo() { // Do }<</code>>

29 Aug 2014

Still nothing? I would like to be able to collapse functions like in notepad++ or something simular. Now I copy my whole code to notepad++ to edit. This cant be so difficult to add? the request has been here since 2011.

15 Feb 2015

This is the only feature I miss a lot from other compiler. Please add it as soon as possible!