Compiler: Programs and folders

23 May 2011


When structuring a program in the compiler with multiple sub-folders there seems to be a problem with importing local files to the folder specified. Here is a repeatable example that produces mostly unrepeatable, but undesired, results:

    +--/Program Name
        |  |
        |  +--/mbed
        |  |
        |  +--/mbed

When uploading multiple files (fill up the import queue) and then import to a single directory sometimes a single file makes it, sometimes multiple files but not all make it and sometimes it will duplicate files - putting a copy in multiple folders. If this occurs and you don't refresh the browser it happens on each subsequent import.

Even if the first import is successful (say 12 files all named something *.c) and another import is attempted (say 21 files, some named the same as before but *.h and the other are new) the result is 12 files uploaded. Some of the files are the *.c from the previous upload and some are new files. Regardless, only 12 files are in the folder - some as specified and some from the previous import. The other 9 files are MIA (but some seem to appear again if you import different files to different folders).


When uploading multiple with the same name (by mistake) sometimes you get the error "could not upload (exists)", sometimes not. The next upload, even to a different folder puts the duplicate file in that folder along with the desired file(s) to be imported. This occurs on all subsequent uploads until the browser is refreshed.

Browser: Google Chrome & IE9

This happens in the beta compiler and the non-beta version

Temporary workaround

After each import - refresh the browser.

24 May 2011

Thanks for the detailed bug report! I'll pass it on.

06 Sep 2011

I am not sure it if this is a bug or a feature but I think it is really annoying that I can only select one file for uploading. Fo new projects this is really a hassle to get all your files imported, not really rapid prototyping :) Is this a problem with Chrome ?