Off-line to the on-line compilerEditor with a sync

09 May 2011

Life is easy with the online compiler, but I miss the quality of my usual editor ( Scite). Each user of mbed has a prefered editor...why change?

My suggestion: a synchronization tool between a local folder and the "cloud".
1)In the "Manage Workspace", add a column "local folder".
2)the Save, Save All or Compile use a synchronization tool. I use Unison between my computers. (
This is much faster than the sequence export - unzip- edit- zip-import !
This is clearly in the philosophy of mbed: providing a very short learning curve : do not learn a new editor .


09 May 2011

I would just prefer it if the backend SVN (or whatever version control is in use) was just exposed. But I have a clue somewhere you maybe doing something like that? Simon, care to share anymore clues?

09 May 2011

Yep, the version control route is our planned route, as it is great for collaboration workflows too. We're pretty close to a first beta of something I hope! More when we're ready...