Web bug

15 Apr 2011

When publishing a program or library you get the option to make it public on your profile or to keep it private.

Keeping it private doesn't always work.


Go here:-

Import libraryMODGPS

Allows for a GPS module to be connected to a serial port and exposes an easy to use API to get the GPS data. New feature, added Mbed/LPC17xx RTC synchronisation

Now, my library is public, that's fine. But look to the right under "Related to" and you'll see a program that's used by my library "GPS_Clock". I'm guessing that, since it says "(This is an unlisted program)" it really shouldn't be showing in the related to section.

Not that I'm complaining, how else am I going to know when people use my library. But I doubt logic star expected his program to be publicly listed anywhere on the site.

15 Apr 2011

btw, this lib shows the problem even more than mine:-

Import libraryTextLCD

TextLCD library for controlling various LCD panels based on the HD44780 4-bit interface

15 Apr 2011

Hi Andy,

Thanks, This is a bug and a side effect of the 'relationships' between different published programs.

This has now been fixed.

Just to be clear though, there are no private published programs on mbed.org.

What we have are unlisted programs - they are put on the web for anyone to see, but not listed on your profile. We plan to add private shared programs, but we don't have that feature yet.