Why not a 'Projects' topic in the forum main menu

15 Mar 2011

Why not add a Projects topic in the forum main tree? A place where mbed users can post projects that they are working on and want to share. They could get suggestions, critics, help, advise and people will give enquragement to the project owners and trig them to develop their ideas even further. And it would be a great inspiration to browse and see what great things that can be done with the mbed platform.

Just a suggestion.

What do you think??


15 Mar 2011

Notebook and Cookbook already perform those tasks nicely.

16 Mar 2011

Hi Mattias, mbed-ers,

I actually think this could be a great idea, or something similar! The place to tell everyone about your project when you felt it was ready. As Igor says, the cookbook/notebooks are great for writing them up, but even there we could probably improve the structure to make it easier to see all the projects people had done (vs. component libraries, which are different but also very important).

Perhaps a projects forum plus a "completed projects" section/page on the cookbook? I'd certainly like to capture the great things people have done. As Mattias says, it can be a great source of inspiration. Happy to hear suggestions of how best we might go about this.


16 Mar 2011

What I would like to see is a "forum" attached to a publish program/library that appears seperately from the forums section. Ie, here's an example of one of my libraries. It would be great if at the end of this page there was a forum type system (or comments) where specific problems with a library can be reported. You could amalgumate these into a single forum of the forums page too (maybe using RSS).