HTML enties escaping on notebooks

12 Feb 2011

Dan/Mbed Web Team,

OK, this is a bit annoying. Yesterday morning I woke up to find that all my <<code>> (and other formaters) on one of my notebook pages had been HTML escaped to &lt;<code>&gt;. I was unclear how it happened as when I left the page it was fine.

So I fixed the problem by editing the page, reviewed the change and all looked normal (notebook displayed fine).

I have arrived again at my page this morning to find it's done it again (without me editing the page, I've been asleep!).

What's happening? Why, without any editing does the notebook "suddenly decide to filter itself?"


12 Feb 2011

I have just edited my notebook to remove the escaped html. Looks ok at the moment, lets see what happens.

13 Feb 2011

Thanks for the report Andy. Fixed.

13 Feb 2011

Well actually I'm not sure it is, I just took a look at an old page I had written a couple of months ago and it's the same mess.

Looks like I have to re-edit everything.

13 Feb 2011

Sorry, I wasn't clear. Fixed in this case means it shouldn't happen again!