Documentation not ready -

22 Dec 2015

Simple steps to repeat this failure -

  1. New Program
  2. Create New Program
  3. Compile | Update Docs
  4. See results - Documentation not ready

If an mbed program cannot build the documentation, what chance do I have on a more complex application? And yet the doc's are of high value to users!

mbed team - please turn your attention to a few of these things that used to work 100% reliably and have not been so for some time.

13 Feb 2016

Hello David,

I found this as you shared it yesterday in another thread. I overlooked this in december, thus was not aware of this.

I'll fw this to the web team to have a look.

16 Feb 2016

HI David,

The documentation that was not being generated was the documentation for mbed_blinky itself, there is no documentation in mbed_blinky so you weren't missing out on anything there. The documentation you're trying to generate here is created from the doxygen comments in the source code, so if it's a program that you're writing it would be the documentation that you've written that you would see. If it's a program that you'd imported that had doxygen comments then you would be able to read the source code to read the documentation or read the generated documentation on the repositories page (like this for example).

In the past workspace documentation has been problematic, it took a lot of processor time to generate the documentation, longer than most people are willing to wait so they don't end up reading it anyway and then the program gets changed and the documentation is out of date and needs regenerating. So given that there were other ways of reading the same documentation and it was causing problems we made the decision to disable it. I have turned it back on as an experiment, if it turns out to be problematic again I will turn it back off again and will look at removing the button from the web IDE.


22 Feb 2016

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the follow-up. I saw similar "documentation not ready" in some libraries I've created, and even that of mbed - making it more awkward to look up the APIs. Having used doxygen in many [offline] projects, I look to that first as the details are better organized than how the source itself may be structured. Without the structure of doxygen, I can imagine the quality of documentation going down.

Having been away for a week, I see in my own libraries that the documentation seems to be there when I rebuild or build docs. And in the mbed library I also see the docs. Thanks for bringing it back.

From my side, I hope you don't remove it - but I'll suggest that informing the users is better than letting it decay. While we're all basically freeloaders on this cloud IDE, I invite others to express their opinion on this subject.


02 Jun 2019

just tell me how to sovle this problem, you have to much word......

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