HTTPServer + SD-Card

06 Jan 2011

I try to read a static web page from a sd-card. The SD-Card is working and the HTTPServer is also working with the local file system. If i change the FSHandler::mount("/webfs", "/"); to FSHandler::mount("/sd", "/"); i get a file not found if the file is not there, but if i access a file on the sd card the system freeze.

Regards, Peter

06 Jan 2011

The Server is running with a sd card. The problem has to do with a interrupt routine. I'm using a interrupt driven serial receive routine.


26 Feb 2012

Is your trick working ? I was wondering CHUNK_SIZE 128 <> SD card sector size is 512 causes some trouble ?

02 Mar 2012

Does anyone have an answer as to why the HTTPServer code in the NetServices library is so unreliable?

I can use it with both local file system and SD file system, but only for a few pages before it locks up. After turning on debug I can see that it attempts to open the file using the code:

 m_fp = fopen(filePath.c_str(), "r"); //FIXME: if null, error 404

in file FSHandler.cpp, function doGet().

When using either file system the same problem occurs. When turning on the debugs for FatFileSystem I can see that it isnt even getting there for the open request that fail.

Anyone got any ideas as this is very distracting when I'm trying to develop an application to have to spend much time debugging libraries.