Beta Mode bug: Compiler

01 Dec 2010

In compiler beta mode open a file (pref blank/empty new file and not a real code file)

  1. Type "Test" (just that).
  2. Hit Cntl-F to open the find/replace bar.
  3. In the Find box type "Test"
  4. In the Replace box type "TestTest" (or "Test2" anything with the Find criteria)
  5. Click the "replace all" button.

Thankfully it gives up at some point rather than crash the browser.

[Edit: /me using FF3 on Win vista]

17 Jan 2011

Bump. This is still a bit of an annoying beta bug. Nearly all search and relaces I do resemble Find: "foo" Replace "foobar" and that simply causes the browsers script to go nuts.

17 Jan 2011

Hi Andy,

Thanks, this will be fixed on the next update. (note: we don't fix live on the beta, so it'll get packaged up with a few other things)


17 Jan 2011

Yeah this bug happens a lot which is why I currently don't use replace all.