Bug: Don't receive notification emails

08 Sep 2010

I don't seem to be receiving notification emails when users reply to my threads in the forum. I've got this option checked in my account settings:

Automatically receive email updates on topics you comment on.

and in thread view it is enabled as well:

Email alerts for this topic
Keep me updated via email

Any ideas?

08 Sep 2010

It seems to work for me - just got one this morning. Could there be a typo in your account email entry?

08 Sep 2010 . Edited: 08 Sep 2010

Email is fine - I get mbed blog emails.

I think auto-subscribe isn't working - I clicked the checkbox in this thread and it told me I am now subscribed (so I assume I wasn't before?).

08 Sep 2010

Hi Alex,

It appears that our mails are going out to you, but were being rejected by your mailserver, perhaps due to a misconfiguration on our end.

Should hopefully be fixed now, but email delivery is very much up to the recipient's mailserver.



08 Sep 2010

Dan - thanks for that. I seem to be receiving them now.

Any settings on my end that need changing or protocols/features that weren't being supported?

08 Sep 2010

No, no fault at your end really.


Main problem in your case was that due to a misconfiguration, mail was being routed out through a backup mailserver, which was reporting it's hostname as 'localhost', which your mailserver was rightly not to keen on.