[betatesting] New Library functionality

07 Sep 2010

I was definitely going to post up here when I found any problems with the new beta, but I haven't at all, so thought I'd post to say I've been using it for a little while now, and it's great :D thank you.


If only beta selection was sticky, I keep forgetting I need to turn it on when I start a new browser session :)

09 Sep 2010

Agreed - a user account setting for auto-beta would be far better. It seems at bit arbitrary to reset this when I close my browser.

10 Sep 2010

Can we get access to a project build number, I think this would be helpful. i.e every compile gets a +1, and one could access it something like.

//#define BUILD_NUMBER 451 //IDE now generates this

String version = "1.#BUILD_NUMBER";

28 Oct 2010

Has this been implemented yet?

28 Oct 2010

If you mean the build number feature, not yet no.

I imagine this would be supplied as a -D command line define to the ARM compiler, not inserted into your code.

On the actual number - would a simple unix timestamp be useful instead? I can see an incrementing build number being troublesome, what with the possibility of simultaneous compiles in two different compiler windows for the same program.

We do intend to add version control to the compiler in one of the next few releases, which presumably would fulfill this requirement much more elegantly.