ARMASM Permission denied

19 Aug 2010

Trying to compiel the FreeRTOS and the compiler prodcues this error:

"Sh: /opt/RVDS4/RVCT/Programs/4.0/400/linux-pentium//armasm: Permission denied (E0)" in file "/FreeRTOSDemo/FreeRTOS/portable/rvds/arm_cm3/port.c"

Any idea what this means? What are the error codes? I assume E0 is some kind of error code.

I also get weird errors like this:

"                 ^" in file " /flash.c"

Whats that?

I've imported FreeRTOS and am trying to compile it.

Thanks in advance for advice,


19 Aug 2010

Hi Pat,

Just fixed the armasm permission denied error, thanks for the bug report!





19 Aug 2010

Very nice ! You guys are fast...