The Mbed Studio "Targets" dropdown does not even work

25 Aug 2019

I installed Mbed Studio for the first time thinking: "Great! perhaps I will now actually be able to use a debugging tool instead of being stuck, due to Mbed's instructions for 3rd party tools being totally useless". However I think this image says it all:


Then I read their instructions online about how I have to edit a .json file to even add targets.

Stuff that, I should frankly just be able to select something from the drop down menu. Frankly I'm switching over to using a TI board for my project. Fed up of mbed and the total inability to actually debug code line by line.

27 Aug 2019

Is anybody from mbed going to help me with this or am I going to actually have to switch to a different company's board?

30 Aug 2019

Hi Rory,

I've posted an answer in this thread:

Kind Regards Arek