Feedback on Mbed Studio 0.4.0

01 Mar 2019

First of all, great job. I look forward to seeing where this project goes.

Most of my concerns have to do with the fact that I am completely unfamiliar with the build system. Things feel a bit hidden vs some other IDE's. For example, I am unclear how to point it at a different compiler.

Compiling mbed-os-example-blinky sure was slow. Clean build almost 3mins. It is a shame because it seems to build a lot of components that the final binary won't even need.

No clear way to stop a build in progress, so stuck waiting 3mins even if you need to change something.

Mbed Studio is not detecting my production PCB with the L476VG. Using disco dev board with stlink jumpers removed. Can trick it by letting it see the devboard first. Being able to work with production boards is important for me.

Ctrl+click navigation is a key feature for a large code-base like this. Works well, except if you click on declaration in a header file it often does not take you to the function definition in the cpp file. Also right click goto Definition does not work. For example wait() in mbed_wait_api.h. So I have to manually go figure out where wait() is actually implemented.

Right click Format Document is not obeying default tab size of 4. It is using 2. Even though tab setting is at 4 spaces and hitting tab inserts 4 spaces. So inconsistent.

Building and running mbed-os-example-blinky both Release and Debug for Disco-L476VG and I get message "SIGRTMEM: Out of heap memory".

Could use a clearer output message when binary is flashed to the target. At the moment in Output window there is no positive indication that it was successful.

Ideally #ifdef's would show current state (active/inactive) so you can easily tell if a bit of code will be built or not.

02 Mar 2019

I also noticed the extended build time for fresh programs - though not 3 minutes. I just timed a complete new build and it took under 40 seconds on my 2012 iMac. But the successive builds should take nearly no time at all.

I had no trouble with the tab sizes. I went the other way - 4 to 2 - and right-click-format-document followed the new format.

03 Mar 2019

I have been using the online compiler up to now. When I try to import an existing workspace it asks for the URL. I copy that off the page for my code from the link to clone the repository. At first it says that is not a valid URL but when I put in a name on the next line it seems to accept it. After pushing the import button it returns to the files tab but I don't see how to go from there.

I would think that importing an existing project from the mbed website would be very basic. I already had to login when the Mbed Studio started. It should show my existing projects and allow me to build them without any hassle.

I guess I'll just wait until the development is further along to try this again. The link to provide feedback does not even work. Instead I have to search through the forums to find this thread. Disappointing.

03 Mar 2019

I try to compile empty mbed-os project on my Mac. It compiles and builds. When I add "-flto" to ARMC6 (debug or release) it doesn't find . is it a missing library?

28 Jul 2019

Hi, I use v0.5.3 . (on MAC) is it possible to use GCC compiler in Mbed Studio ?

Regards, ilkay KOZAK