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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
[detail level 12345]
 C_mbed_error_ctxMbed_error_ctx struct
 C_MEM_INFO_DESC_Memory Information
 C_MISCELLANEOUS_INFO_HDR_System Miscellaneous Information
 C_QCBORItemQCBORItem holds the type, value and other info for a decoded item returned by GetNextItem()
 C_TARGET_CFG_HDR_Target Configuration Header
 Cadr_req_params_tThis structure contains parameters for ADR request coming from network server
 Cadv_data_flags_tSet of advertising flags
 CAdvertisingDataBuilderBuild advertising data
 CAdvertisingDataParserParse and iterate over advertising data
 CAdvertisingDataSimpleBuilder< DataSize >Build advertising data
 CAdvertisingEndEventEvent produced when advertising ends
 CAdvertisingParametersParameters defining the advertising process
 CAdvertisingReportEventEvent generated when an advertising packet is seen during passive scanning or a scan response is received during active scanning
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 >
 CAllArgs< B0 >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1 >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2 >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3 >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4 >
 CAllArgs< mbed::Callback< R()> >
 CAllArgs< mbed::Callback< R(A0)>, A0 >
 CAllArgs< mbed::Callback< R(A0, A1)>, A0, A1 >
 CAnalogInAn analog input, used for reading the voltage on a pin
 CAnalogOutAn analog output, used for setting the voltage on a pin
 Cargs_tFlash algo argument structure Contains all registers that should be preserved
 CATHandlerClass for sending AT commands and parsing AT responses
 Cattest_token_ctxThe context for creating an attestation token
 Cattribute_handle_range_tInclusive range of GATT attributes handles
 Cband_tDefault user application maximum data size for transmission
 CbaseBase class of all SafeBool instances
 Cbase_control_tPOD version of the class control_t
 CBatteryServiceBLE Battery service
 CBLEAbstract away BLE-capable radio transceivers or SOCs
 CBLEInstanceBasePrivate interface used to implement the BLE class
 CBlockDeviceA hardware device capable of writing and reading blocks
 CBounded< Rep, Min, Max >Restrict values of an integer type to a defined range
 Cbuffer_sGeneric buffer structure
 Cbyte_array_t< array_size >Model fixed size array values
 Cbyte_array_t< 6 >
 Ccaliberation_params_tRepresents a calibration configuration
 CCallback< Signature >Callback class based on template specialization
 CCallback< R()>
 CCallback< R(A0)>
 CCallback< R(A0, A1)>
 CCallback< uint8_t(void)>
 CCallback< void()>
 CCallback< void(AudioEvent)>
 CCallback< void(bool channel_busy)>
 CCallback< void(bool up)>
 CCallback< void(bool)>
 CCallback< void(CIoT_Supported_Opt)>
 CCallback< void(const uint8_t *payload, uint16_t size, int16_t rssi, int8_t snr)>
 CCallback< void(int)>
 CCallback< void(lorawan_event_t)>
 CCallback< void(mbed::BlockDevice *)>
 CCallback< void(net_stack_mem_buf_t *buf)>
 CCallback< void(nsapi_event_t, intptr_t)>
 CCallback< void(uint8_t current_channel)>
 CCallback< void(uint8_t up, int8_t device_id)>
 CCallback< void(uint8_t, uint8_t)>
 CCallback< void(void)>
 CCAN_MessageHolder for single CAN message
 Ccase_tPOD data structure of the Case class
 CCellularDeviceClass CellularDevice
 CCellularInformationClass CellularInformation
 CCellularList< T >Class CellularList
 CCellularList< packet_t >
 CCellularNetworkAn abstract interface for connecting to a network and getting information from it
 CCellularStateMachineCellularStateMachine class
 Cchannel_selection_params_sThe parameter structure for the function RegionNextChannel
 CCharacteristicDescriptorDiscoveryDefinitions of events and event handlers that the characteristic descriptor discovery procedure uses
 CCircularBuffer< T, BufferSize, CounterType >Templated Circular buffer class
 CCircularBuffer< char, 256 >
 CClockA C++11 chrono TrivialClock for the kernel millisecond tick count
 CConnectionCompleteEventEvent generated when a connection initiation ends (successfully or not)
 CConnectionParametersParameters defining the connection initiation process
 CConnectionParametersUpdateCompleteEventEvent received when connection parameters have been updated
 CControlPlane_netifImplements support for data transfer using Control Plane CIoT EPS optimization specified in 3GPP 23.401(4.10), 3GPP 23.682(4.5.14)
 Ccore_util_atomic_flagA lock-free, primitive atomic flag
 CCriticalSectionLockRAII object for disabling, then restoring, interrupt state Usage:
 Ccy_mac_addr_tStructure for storing a MAC address (Wi-Fi Media Access Control address)
 CCyDhcpServerImplementation of a DHCP sever
 CDeepSleepLockRAII object for disabling, then restoring the deep sleep mode Usage:
 CDefaultFormFactorThis is a convenience class for use with the above templates
 CPN512TransportDriver::DelegateThe PN512TransportDriver delegate
 CSimpleMessageParser::DelegateDelegate invoked when the parser raise an event
 CMessageParser::DelegateReport parsing event to the application
 CGenericRecordParser< ParserImplementation, ParsingResult >::DelegateHandle that receives parsed values
 CNFCController::DelegateThe NFCController delegate
 CNFCControllerDriver::DelegateThe NFCControllerDriver delegate
 CNFCEEPROMDriver::DelegateThe NFCEEPROMDriver delegate
 CNFCRemoteEndpoint::DelegateThe NFCRemoteEndpoint base delegate
 Cdevice_err_tAT response error with error code and type
 CDeviceInformationServiceBLE Device Information Service Service: https://developer.bluetooth.org/gatt/services/Pages/ServiceViewer.aspx?u=org.bluetooth.service.device_information.xml Manufacturer Name String Char: https://developer.bluetooth.org/gatt/characteristics/Pages/CharacteristicViewer.aspx?u=org.bluetooth.characteristic.manufacturer_name_string.xml
 CDigitalInA digital input, used for reading the state of a pin
 CDigitalInOutA digital input/output, used for setting or reading a bi-directional pin
 CDigitalOutA digital output, used for setting the state of a pin
 CDisconnectionCompleteEventEvent produced when a disconnection is complete
 CDiscoveredCharacteristicRepresentation of a characteristic discovered
 CDiscoveredCharacteristicDescriptorRepresentation of a characteristic descriptor discovered
 CDiscoveredServiceRepresentation of a GATT service discovered
 CCharacteristicDescriptorDiscovery::DiscoveryCallbackParams_tCharacteristic descriptor discovered event
 CDNSBase class for DNS provider
 CDuration< Rep, TB, Range, Forever >Model BLE durations
 Cecc_key_tStructure definition to carry pointer and size information about an Elliptic curve key which is stored in a buffer(key_buf) in raw format (without encoding):
 CAdvertisingDataParser::element_tRepresentation of an Advertising Data element
 CEMACThis interface should be used to abstract low level access to networking hardware All operations receive a void * hardware pointer which an EMAC device provides when it is registered with a stack
 CEMAC_CFG_TypeEMAC configuration structure definition
 CEMAC_PACKETBUF_TypeTX Data Buffer structure definition
 CEndpointResolverUtility class for resolving endpoints
 Cwhitelist_t::entry_tBLE address representation
 CEnvironmentalServiceBLE Environmental Service
 CEvent< F >Event
 CEvent< void(ArgTs...)>Event
 CGap::EventHandlerDefinition of the general handler of Gap related events
 CGattServer::EventHandlerDefinition of the general handler of GattServer related events
 CGattClient::EventHandlerDefinition of the general handler of GattClient related events
 CSecurityManager::EventHandlerThe stack will use these functions to signal events to the application, subclass to override handlers
 Cfailure_tContains the reason and location of the failure
 Cdr_range_t::fields_sThe structure to store the minimum and the maximum datarate
 CFilePathClass FilePath
 Cflash_algo_tTarget flash algorithm structure
 Cflash_sTarget flash configuration For targets not supporting TrustZone, its flash_set_target_config must define target_config
 Cflash_target_config_tFlash configuration structure
 CFunctionCaller< PortType, FunctionType, f >
 CFunctionCaller< PortType, TF1, f >
 CFunctionCaller< PortType, TF2, f >
 CFunctionCaller< PortType, TF3, f >
 CFunctionCaller< PortType, TF4, f >
 CFunctionCaller< PortType, TF5, f >
 CGapDefine device discovery, connection and link management procedures
 CGattAttributeRepresentation of a GattServer attribute
 CGattCharacteristicRepresentation of a GattServer characteristic
 CGattClientDefine procedures required for interacting with a distant GATT server
 CGattHVXCallbackParamsHandle Value Notification/Indication event
 CGattReadAuthCallbackParamsGATT read authorization request event
 CGattReadCallbackParamsGATT Read event definition
 CGattServerConstruct and operates a GATT server
 CGattServerEventsAbstract events generated by a GattServer vendor port
 CGattServiceRepresentation of a GattServer service
 CGattWriteAuthCallbackParamsGATT write authorization request event
 CGattWriteCallbackParamsGATT Write event definition
 Cgpio_capabilities_tGPIO capabilities for a given pin
 Chandlers_tA table of handlers
 CHandleTestCommandHandleTestCommand turns all the typed-in/serial commands into function calls sent via a eventqueue to the driver shim/wrapper class
 CHarnessTest Harness
 CHeaderSet of constants of a record header
 CHealthThermometerServiceBLE Health Thermometer Service
 CHeartRateServiceBLE Heart Rate Service
 CHighResClockA C++11 Clock representing the HAL us_ticker
 Ci2c_tAsynch I2C HAL structure
 CI2CSlaveAn I2C Slave, used for communicating with an I2C Master device
 CinfoThe key size
 CKVStore::infoHolds key information
 CBLE::InitializationCompleteCallbackContextInitialization complete event
 COnboardNetworkStack::InterfaceRepresentation of a stack's view of an interface
 Cis_convertible< From, To >
 Cis_unsigned< T >
 Cis_unsigned< unsigned char >
 Cis_unsigned< unsigned int >
 Cis_unsigned< unsigned long >
 Cis_unsigned< unsigned long long >
 Cis_unsigned< unsigned short >
 Ckv_map_entry_tThis structure maps between a string name and a partition configuration
 CKVStoreKVStore class
 Ckvstore_config_tThis structure represent a KVStore partition configuration
 CL3IPThis interface should be used to abstract low level access to networking hardware All operations receive a void * hardware pointer which an l3ip device provides when it is registered with a stack
 Clfs2_cacheInternal littlefs data structures ///
 Clfs_entryLittlefs data structures ///
 Clink_adr_params_sStructure containing data for local ADR settings
 CLoRaMacLoRaMac Class Implementation of LoRaWAN MAC layer
 Cloramac_tx_message_tStack level TX message structure
 CLoRaMacCommandLoRaMacCommand Class Helper class for LoRaMac layer to handle any MAC commands
 CLoRaRadioInterface for the radios, containing the main functions that a radio needs, and five callback functions
 Clorawan_app_callbacks_tStack level callback functions
 Clorawan_connectLorawan_connect_t structure
 Clorawan_connect_abp_tThe lorawan_connect_abp structure
 Clorawan_connect_otaa_tThe lorawan_connect_otaa structure
 Clorawan_rx_metadataMeta-data collection for the received packet
 Clorawan_sessionLoRaWAN session
 Clorawan_tx_metadataMeta-data collection for a transmission
 CLoRaWANInterfaceLoRaWANInterface Class A network interface for LoRaWAN
 CLoRaWANTimeHandler/ _____) _ | | ( (____ _____ ____ _| |_ _____ ____| |__ ____ | ___ | (_ _) ___ |/ ___) _ \ _____) ) ____| | | || |_| ____( (___| | | | (______/|_____)_|_|_| __)_____)____)_| |_| (C)2013 Semtech
 CLowPowerClockA C++11 Clock representing the HAL lp_ticker
 Cmbed_stats_cpu_tStruct mbed_stats_cpu_t definition
 Cmbed_stats_heap_tStruct mbed_stats_heap_t definition
 Cmbed_stats_socket_tStructure to parse socket statistics
 Cmbed_stats_stack_tStruct mbed_stats_stack_t definition
 Cmbed_stats_sys_tStruct mbed_stats_sys_t definition
 Cmbed_stats_thread_tStruct mbed_stats_thread_t definition
 CMbedTesterThe base class for controlling the FPGA CI Test Shield
 Cmbedtls_psa_stats_sStatistics about resource consumption related to the PSA keystore
 Cmember_type< T >
 Cmesh_mac_statistics_tMesh physical layer statistics
 Cmesh_nw_statistics_tMesh network statistics
 CMessageBuilderConstruct a NDEF Message
 CMessageParserEvent driven NDEF Message parser
 CMIDIMessageA MIDI message container
 CMimeRepresent a mime object
 Cmodulation_params_tThe type describing the modulation parameters for every packet types
 CNanostackLockGuardRAII style Nanostack mutex acquisition
 CNanostackPhyPHY driver class for Nanostack
 CNFCControllerDriverThe abstraction for a NFC controller driver
 CNFCEEPROMDriverThe abstraction for a NFC EEPROM driver
 CNFCNDEFCapableThe base class for all endpoints that can support NDEF content
 CNFCRemoteEndpointThis is the base class for all remote endpoints (initiators and targets) addressable over the air interface
 CNFCTestShimTest app driver wrapper
 CNonCopyable< T >Prevents generation of copy constructor and copy assignment operator in derived classes
 CNonCopyable< ATCmdParser >
 CNonCopyable< BufferedSerial >
 CNonCopyable< BusIn >
 CNonCopyable< BusInOut >
 CNonCopyable< BusOut >
 CNonCopyable< CAN >
 CNonCopyable< ConditionVariable >
 CNonCopyable< DeviceKey >
 CNonCopyable< DirHandle >
 CNonCopyable< EmacTestNetworkStack >
 CNonCopyable< EventFlags >
 CNonCopyable< EventQueue >
 CNonCopyable< FileBase >
 CNonCopyable< FileHandle >
 CNonCopyable< FileLike >
 CNonCopyable< FileSystemHandle >
 CNonCopyable< FileSystemLike >
 CNonCopyable< FlashIAP >
 CNonCopyable< I2C >
 CNonCopyable< InterruptIn >
 CNonCopyable< KVMap >
 CNonCopyable< LoRaPHY >
 CNonCopyable< LoRaWANStack >
 CNonCopyable< Mail< T, queue_sz > >
 CNonCopyable< MemoryPool< T, pool_sz > >
 CNonCopyable< MeshInterfaceNanostack >
 CNonCopyable< Mutex >
 CNonCopyable< Nanostack >
 CNonCopyable< Nanostack::Interface >
 CNonCopyable< NanostackEthernetInterface >
 CNonCopyable< PlatformMutex >
 CNonCopyable< QSPI >
 CNonCopyable< Queue< T, queue_sz > >
 CNonCopyable< ScopedLock< Lockable > >
 CNonCopyable< ScopedRamExecutionLock >
 CNonCopyable< ScopedRomWriteLock >
 CNonCopyable< Semaphore >
 CNonCopyable< SerialBase >
 CNonCopyable< SPI >
 CNonCopyable< SPISlave >
 CNonCopyable< Stream >
 CNonCopyable< SysTimer< Period, IRQ > >
 CNonCopyable< Thread >
 CNonCopyable< TickerBase >
 CNonCopyable< TimerEvent >
 CNonCopyable< UnbufferedSerial >
 CNonCopyable< USBEndpointTester >
 CNonCopyable< USBTester >
 CNonCopyable< Watchdog >
 Cnsapi_addrIP address structure for passing IP addresses by value
 Cnsapi_ip_mreqNsapi_ip_mreq structure
 Cnsapi_latency_reqNsapi_latency_req structure
 Cnsapi_stackNsapi_stack structure
 Cnsapi_stack_apiNsapi_stack_api structure
 Cnsapi_stagger_reqNsapi_stagger_req structure
 Cnsapi_wifi_apNsapi_wifi_ap structure
 CBLE::OnEventsToProcessCallbackContextEvents to process event
 CAllArgs< B0 >::Operations< T, _ >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1 >::Operations< T, _ >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2 >::Operations< T, _ >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3 >::Operations< T, _ >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4 >::Operations< T, _ >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 >::Operations< T, _ >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1 >::Operations< T *, R(U::*)()>
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2 >::Operations< T *, R(U::*)(B2)>
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3 >::Operations< T *, R(U::*)(B2, B3)>
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4 >::Operations< T *, R(U::*)(B2, B3, B4)>
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 >::Operations< T *, R(U::*)(B2, B3, B4, B5)>
 CAllArgs< B0, B1 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)() const >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)() const volatile >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)() volatile >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2) const >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2) const volatile >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2) volatile >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2, B3) const >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2, B3) const volatile >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2, B3) volatile >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2, B3, B4) const >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2, B3, B4) const volatile >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2, B3, B4) volatile >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2, B3, B4, B5) const >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2, B3, B4, B5) const volatile >
 CAllArgs< B0, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 >::Operations< T, R(U::*)(B2, B3, B4, B5) volatile >
 CCellularNetwork::operator_names_tCellular operator names in numeric and alpha format
 CCellularNetwork::operator_t3GPP TS 27.007 - 7.3 PLMN selection +COPS
 Cos_mailQ_defDefinition structure for mail queue
 Cos_messageQ_defDefinition structure for message queue
 Cos_pool_defDefinition structure for memory block allocation
 Cos_thread_defThread Definition structure contains startup information of a thread
 Cos_timer_defTimer Definition structure contains timer parameters
 COsClockA C++11 chrono TrivialClock for os_timer
 CosEventEvent structure contains detailed information about an event
 CosEventFlagsAttr_tAttributes structure for event flags
 CosMemoryPoolAttr_tAttributes structure for memory pool
 CosMessageQueueAttr_tAttributes structure for message queue
 CosMutexAttr_tAttributes structure for mutex
 CosRtxConfig_tOS Configuration structure
 CosRtxEventFlags_tEvent Flags Control Block
 CosRtxInfo_tOS Runtime Information structure
 CosRtxMemoryPool_tMemory Pool Control Block
 CosRtxMessage_sMessage Control Block
 CosRtxMessageQueue_tMessage Queue Control Block
 CosRtxMpInfo_tMemory Pool Information
 CosRtxMutex_sMutex Control Block
 CosRtxObject_tGeneric Object Control Block
 CosRtxObjectMemUsage_tOS Runtime Object Memory Usage structure
 CosRtxSemaphore_tSemaphore Control Block
 CosRtxThread_sThread Control Block
 CosRtxTimer_sTimer Control Block
 CosRtxTimerFinfo_tTimer Function Information
 CosSemaphoreAttr_tAttributes structure for semaphore
 CosThreadAttr_tAttributes structure for thread
 CosTimerAttr_tAttributes structure for timer
 CosVersion_tVersion information
 Cpacket_paramsThe type describing the packet parameters for every packet types
 Cpacket_status_tRepresents the packet status for every packet type
 CPasskeyAsciiPasskey stored as a string of digits
 CMessageBuilder::PayloadBuilderBuild a record payload
 CCellularContext::pdpcontext_params_tPDP Context information
 CPeriodicAdvertisingReportEventEvent generated when periodic advertising packet is received
 CPeriodicAdvertisingSyncEstablishedEventEvent generated when you first receive a periodic advertisement
 CPeriodicAdvertisingSyncLossEvent generated when periodic advertising sync is lost
 CScanParameters::phy_configuration_tScan configuration of a physical channel
 Cphy_set_tType that describe a set of PHY(sical) transports
 CPN512TransportDriverThe PN512 supports multiple transport mechanisms (SPI, I2C, UART): this class provides a unified API across these transports
 CPort< N, PinMapType, FormFactorType, FunctionType >
 CPortInA multiple pin digital input
 CPortInOutA multiple pin digital in/out used to set/read multiple bi-directional pins
 CPortOutA multiple pin digital output
 CGap::PreferredConnectionParams_tPreferred connection parameter display in Generic Access Service
 CGattCharacteristic::PresentationFormat_tValue of a Characteristic Presentation Format descriptor
 CDiscoveredCharacteristic::Properties_tProperties of a discovered characteristic
 Cpsa_drv_entropy_tA struct containing all of the function pointers needed to interface to an entropy source
 Cpsa_drv_se_aead_tA struct containing all of the function pointers needed to implement secure element Authenticated Encryption with Additional Data operations
 Cpsa_drv_se_asymmetric_tA struct containing all of the function pointers needed to implement asymmetric cryptographic operations using secure elements
 Cpsa_drv_se_cipher_tA struct containing all of the function pointers needed to implement cipher operations using secure elements
 Cpsa_drv_se_context_tDriver context structure
 Cpsa_drv_se_key_derivation_tA struct containing all of the function pointers needed to for secure element key derivation and agreement
 Cpsa_drv_se_key_management_tA struct containing all of the function pointers needed to for secure element key management
 Cpsa_drv_se_mac_tA struct containing all of the function pointers needed to perform secure element MAC operations
 Cpsa_drv_se_tA structure containing pointers to all the entry points of a secure element driver
 Cpsa_invecA read-only input memory region provided to an RoT Service
 Cpsa_key_slot_tThe data structure representing a key slot, containing key material and metadata for one key
 Cpsa_outvecA writable output memory region provided to an RoT Service
 Cpsa_se_key_data_storage_tThe storage representation of a key whose data is in a secure element
 Cpsa_storage_info_tA container for metadata associated with a specific uid
 CPwmOutA pulse-width modulation digital output
 CQCBORStringAllocatorThis is a set of functions and pointer context (in object-oriented parlance, an "object") used to allocate memory for coalescing the segments of an indefinite length string into one
 CQCBORTagListInThis is used to tell the decoder about tags that it should record in uTagBits in QCBORItem beyond the built-in tags
 CQCBORTagListOutThis is for QCBORDecode_GetNextWithTags() to be able to return the full list of tags on an item
 Cqspi_commandQSPI command
 Cradio_error_tRepresents the possible radio system error states
 Cradio_eventsReporting functions for upper layers
 Cradio_fsk_packet_handlerFSK packet handle
 Cradio_fsk_settingsFSK modem parameters
 Cradio_lora_packet_handlerLoRa packet Contains information about a LoRa packet
 Cradio_lora_settingsLoRa modem parameters
 Cradio_settingsGlobal radio settings
 Cradio_status_tStructure describing the radio status
 CRealTimeClockAn implementation of a C++11 Clock representing the HAL real-time clock
 CRecordRepresent a record
 CRecordParserParse a record
 CRecordParserChainRecord parser chain
 CRecordTypeEncode a record type
 CCellularNetwork::registration_params_tNetwork registration information
 Creset_reason_capabilities_tReset reason capabilities of the platform
 CResetReasonA platform-independent method of checking the cause of the last system reset
 Crf_ctrlsStructure to hold RF controls for LoRa Radio
 Crx_counter_tRepresents the Rx internal counters values when GFSK or LoRa packet type is used
 CRX_DescRX Descriptor structure type definition
 Crx_message_uLora_mac_rx_message_by_type_t union
 Crx_param_setup_req_sContains rx parameter setup request coming from network server
 CRX_StatRX Status structure type definition
 CSafeEnum< Target, LayoutType >Helper class used to define safe enumerations
 CSafeEnum< adv_data_appearance_t, uint16_t >
 CSafeEnum< adv_data_type_t, uint8_t >
 CSafeEnum< att_security_requirement_t, uint8_t >
 CSafeEnum< coded_symbol_per_bit_t, uint8_t >
 CSafeEnum< controller_supported_features_t, uint8_t >
 CSafeEnum< io_capability_t, uint8_t >
 CSafeEnum< link_encryption_t, uint8_t >
 CSafeEnum< pairing_failure_t, uint8_t >
 CSafeEnum< peer_address_type_t, uint8_t >
 CSafeEnum< phy_t, uint8_t >
 CSafeEnum< random_address_type_t, uint8_t >
 CScanParametersParameters defining the scan process
 CScanRequestEventEvent produced when a peer requests a scan response from the advertiser
 CScanTimeoutEventEvent generated when scan times out
 Csector_info_tSector information structure
 Cserial_tAsynch serial HAL structure
 CServiceDiscoveryHost callback types needed by the service discovery procedure
 Csfdp_bptbl_infoJEDEC Basic Flash Parameter Table info
 Csfdp_hdr_infoSFDP JEDEC Parameter Table info
 Csfdp_smptbl_infoJEDEC Sector Map Table info
 Cshared_data_tlv_entryShared data TLV entry header format
 Cshared_data_tlv_headerShared data TLV header
 CSharedPtr< T >Shared pointer class
 CSharedPtr< mbed::nfc::NFCRemoteInitiator >
 CSingletonPtr< T >Utility class for creating and using a singleton
 CSingletonPtr< PlatformMutex >
 CSmartPosterSmart poster object
 CSocketSocket interface
 CSocketAddressSocketAddress class
 CSocketStatsSocketStats class
 CSpan< ElementType, Extent >Nonowning view to a sequence of contiguous elements
 CSpan< const uint8_t >
 CSpan< ElementType, SPAN_DYNAMIC_EXTENT >Span specialization that handle dynamic size
 CSpan< uint8_t >
 CSpecificationTest specification containing the setup and teardown handlers and test cases
 Cspi_capabilities_tDescribes the capabilities of a SPI peripherals
 Cspi_tAsynch SPI HAL structure
 CStaticInterface< Impl, Interface >Static Interface helper class
 CSynchronizedIntegral< T >Thread safe wrapper for integral types
 Ct_cose_crypto_hashThe context for use with the hash adaptation layer here
 Ct_cose_sign1_ctxThis is the context for creating a COSE_Sign1 structure
 CTask< F >
 CTask< void()>
 CTask< void(const setup_packet_t *)>
 CCharacteristicDescriptorDiscovery::TerminationCallbackParams_tCharacteristic descriptor discovery ended event
 CTextRepresent the well known type text
 Ctfm_crypto_pack_iovecStructure used to pack non-pointer types in a call
 Cticker_data_tTicker's data structure
 Cticker_event_queue_tTicker's event queue structure
 Cticker_event_sTicker's event structure
 Cticker_info_tInformation about the ticker implementation
 Cticker_interface_tTicker's interface structure - required API for a ticker
 CTickerDataClockA partial implementation of a C++11 Clock representing a HAL ticker
 CTimeoutDriftTester< TimeoutTesterType >
 Ctimer_event_tTimer object description
 CTransaction< Class >Transaction class defines a transaction
 Ctransaction_tTransaction structure
 Ctx_config_params_tTX configuration parameters
 CTX_DescTX Descriptor structure type definition
 CTX_StatTX Status structure type definition
 Cunqualify_fn< T >
 CUpdateConnectionParametersRequestEventEvent received when a peer wants to change the connection parameters
 CURIModel the well known type URI
 CUSBPhyAbstract interface to physical USB hardware
 CUSBPhyEventsEvent handler for USBPhy
 Cuseful_bufThe non-const UsefulBuf typically used for some allocated memory that is to be filled in
 Cuseful_buf_cUsefulBufC and UsefulBuf are simple data structures to hold a pointer and length for a binary data
 Cuseful_out_bufUsefulOutBuf is a structure and functions (an object) that are good for serializing data into a buffer such as is often done with network protocols or data written to files
 CUserAllocatedEvent< F, A >
 CUserAllocatedEvent< F, void(ArgTs...)>UserAllocatedEvent
 Cutest_v1_scheduler_tThe scheduler interface consists out of the post and cancel functions, which you must implement to use utest
 CUUIDRepresentation of a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)
 Cverify_adr_params_sStructure used to store ADR values received from network for verification (legality) purposes
 Cwatchdog_config_tWatchdog configuration
 Cwatchdog_features_tWatchdog features
 Cwhd_custom_ie_info_tVendor IE details
 Cwhitelist_tRepresentation of a whitelist of addresses
 CWiFiAccessPointWiFiAccessPoint class
 CWisunBorderRouterWi-SUN Border Router class
 Cwland_ap_data_tThis struct contains ap data, include ssid key and channel
 Cwland_ap_net_data_tThis struct contains ap net data
 Cwland_sta_data_tThis struct contains all smartconfig mbed flash parameter
 Cwland_tx_power_tThis struct contains tx power parameter
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