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Installing with the Windows installer

The Windows installer for Arm Mbed CLI installs Mbed CLI and all dependent programs onto your Windows machine.

Running the installer

  1. Download the latest executable.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Set the installation path.
  4. Choose the installation type:
    • Default: Installs all components.
    • Advanced: Allows you to select components.
  5. Installer installs all selected components. Close it after it finishes.

Included components

The Windows installer for Mbed CLI includes the following components:

  • Python - Mbed CLI is a Python script, so you need Python to use it. The installer installs version 2.7.13 of Python. It is not compatible with Python 3.
  • Mbed CLI version 1.2.2 - Mbed CLI.
  • Git and Mercurial - Mbed CLI supports both Git and Mercurial repositories. Both Git and Mercurial are being installed. git and hg are added to system's PATH.
  • GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain - GNU Embedded Toolchain for Arm.
  • Mbed Windows serial port driver - serial port driver.

Optional: silent install

You can execute the installer silently without user interaction. Add /S flag in Windows command prompt during installation.

$ mbed_installer_{version}.exe /S
  1. Check Mbed CLI for more examples.

After installation

Please see the configuration section; Mbed CLI will not work properly without some manual configuration.

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