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CMSIS/RTX code is imported from the original CMSIS repository with the help of a Python script in the mbed-os repository mbed-os\tools\importer\importer.py.

Memory considerations

Please note that Arm Mbed OS doesn't use any of the RTX memory models, which are based on static carveouts (memory pools). This approach is not ideal for platform operating systems, such as Mbed OS, because calculating required numbers of RTOS objects is impossible. To avoid declaring arbitrary large buffers carved out at compile time, limiting the amount of available memory, Mbed OS shifts the responsibility of supplying the backing memory to CMSIS-RTOS2 users.

Developers need to use the Mbed OS RTOS C++ API or supply backing memory for RTX objects to os*New calls when using CMSIS-RTOS2 APIs directly. (Please consult CMSIS-RTOS2 documentation for API details.) The mbed_rtos_storage.h header provides wrappers that you can use to secure required memory without exposing the code to RTX implementation details.


Mbed OS changes to RTX configuration all exist in a single file: mbed-os/rtos/TARGET_CORTEX/mbed_rtx_conf.h

Option Value Description
OS_STACK_SIZE 4K OS Stack size is set as MBED_CONF_APP_THREAD_STACK_SIZE which is 4096 as default.
OS_TIMER_THREAD_STACK_SIZE 768B Timer thread stack is set as MBED_CONF_APP_TIMER_THREAD_STACK_SIZE=768B that's necessary to support the C++ wrappers (4 instances), but it may require changing to support larger number of active timers.
OS_IDLE_THREAD_STACK_SIZE Idle thread stack size is set as MBED_CONF_APP_IDLE_THREAD_STACK_SIZE=512B Required to handle Mbed OS wrappers
OS_DYNAMIC_MEM_SIZE 0 RTX dynamic memory is disabled.
OS_TICK_FREQ 1000 Mbed OS Tickrate requires 1ms system tick.
OS_PRIVILEGE_MODE 0 or 1 We set it for 0 if uVisor is enabled, 1 otherwise.

Code structure

Due to differences in the Mbed OS and CMSIS directory structure, you can't import the original code directly. You should use the importer.py and configuration file cmsis_importer.json to import upstream CMSIS code.


Due to different use cases between Mbed OS and CMSIS, we modified the source code. We upstream our changes to the CMSIS repository, but in cases when they aren't compatible with CMSIS requirements, we maintain a small set of changes. We maintain changes as separate commits in mbed-os, and SHAs are in the commit_sha section of the cmsis_importer.json file.

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