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Data Fields
radio_events Struct Reference

#include <LoRaRadio.h>

Data Fields

mbed::Callback< void()> tx_done
mbed::Callback< void()> tx_timeout
mbed::Callback< void(const uint8_t *payload, uint16_t size, int16_t rssi, int8_t snr)> rx_done
mbed::Callback< void()> rx_timeout
mbed::Callback< void()> rx_error
mbed::Callback< void(uint8_t current_channel)> fhss_change_channel
mbed::Callback< void(bool channel_busy)> cad_done

Detailed Description

Radio driver callback functions.

Field Documentation

mbed::Callback<void(bool channel_busy)> radio_events::cad_done

CAD Done callback prototype.

channel_busyTrue, if Channel activity detected.
mbed::Callback<void(uint8_t current_channel)> radio_events::fhss_change_channel

FHSS Change Channel callback prototype.

current_channelThe index number of the current channel.
mbed::Callback<void(const uint8_t *payload, uint16_t size, int16_t rssi, int8_t snr)> radio_events::rx_done

Rx Done callback prototype.

payloadReceived buffer pointer.
sizeReceived buffer size.
rssiRSSI value computed while receiving the frame [dBm].
snrRaw SNR value given by the radio hardware. FSK : N/A (set to 0) LoRa: SNR value in dB
mbed::Callback<void()> radio_events::rx_error

Callback when Reception ends up in error

mbed::Callback<void()> radio_events::rx_timeout

Callback when Reception is timed out

mbed::Callback<void()> radio_events::tx_done

Callback when Transmission is done

mbed::Callback<void()> radio_events::tx_timeout

Callback when Transmission is timed out

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