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Here is a list of all modules:
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 CryptoCell AES-CCM APIs
 CryptoCell CHACHA APIs
 CryptoCell DH APIs
 CryptoCell EC 25519 curve APIsThis group is the cryptocell EC 25519 curve root group
 CryptoCell ECC APIsThis group is the cryptocell ECC root group
 CryptoCell general base error codes
 CryptoCell HASH APIs
 CryptoCell HMAC Key Derivation APIs
 CryptoCell HMAC APIs
 CryptoCell Key Derivation APIs
 CryptoCell PKA groupThis group is the cryptocell PKA root group
 CryptoCell POLY APIs
 CryptoCell Random Generator APIs
 CryptoCell RSA APIsThis group is the cryptocell ECC root group
 CryptoCell SRP APIs
 CryptoCell library basic APIs
 CryptoCell AES APIs
 CryptoCell PAL platform dependant compiler specific definitions
 CryptoCell PAL platform dependant types
 LoRa MAC layer implementation
 stack layer that controls MAC layer underneath
 lpc17 EMAC driver for LWIP
 EMAC (Ethernet Media Access Controller)
 PHY configuration
 EMAC configuration
 PHY status and control for the DP83848.
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