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sleep hal requirements


 sleep hal tests


void hal_sleep (void)
void hal_deepsleep (void)

Detailed Description

Low level interface to the sleep mode of a target.

Defined behaviour

Undefined behaviour

Function Documentation

void hal_deepsleep ( void  )

Send the microcontroller to deep sleep

This processor is setup ready for deep sleep, and sent to sleep using __WFI(). This mode has the same sleep features as sleep plus it powers down peripherals and high frequency clocks. All state is still maintained.

The processor can only be woken up by low power ticker, RTC, an external interrupt on a pin or a watchdog timer.

The wake-up time shall be less than 10 ms.

void hal_sleep ( void  )

Send the microcontroller to sleep

The processor is setup ready for sleep, and sent to sleep. In this mode, the system clock to the core is stopped until a reset or an interrupt occurs. This eliminates dynamic power used by the processor, memory systems and buses. The processor, peripheral and memory state are maintained, and the peripherals continue to work and can generate interrupts.

The processor can be woken up by any internal peripheral interrupt or external pin interrupt.

The wake-up time shall be less than 10 us.

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