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Public Member Functions
mbed::FileSystemLike Class Reference

#include <FileSystemLike.h>

Inheritance diagram for mbed::FileSystemLike:
mbed::FileSystemHandle mbed::FileBase mbed::NonCopyable< FileSystemLike > mbed::NonCopyable< FileSystemHandle > mbed::NonCopyable< FileBase > mbed::FileSystem FATFileSystem LittleFileSystem

Public Member Functions

 FileSystemLike (const char *name=NULL)
FileHandleopen (const char *path, int flags)
DirHandleopendir (const char *path)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mbed::FileSystemHandle
virtual ~FileSystemHandle ()
virtual int open (FileHandle **file, const char *filename, int flags)=0
virtual int open (DirHandle **dir, const char *path)
virtual int remove (const char *path)
virtual int rename (const char *path, const char *newpath)
virtual int stat (const char *path, struct stat *st)
virtual int mkdir (const char *path, mode_t mode)
virtual int statvfs (const char *path, struct statvfs *buf)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mbed::FileBase
 FileBase (const char *name, PathType t)
const char * getName (void)
PathType getPathType (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from mbed::FileBase
static FileBaselookup (const char *name, unsigned int len)
static FileBaseget (int n)

Detailed Description

A filesystem-like object is one that can be used to open file-like objects though it by fopen("/name/filename", mode)

Implementations must define at least open (the default definitions of the rest of the functions just return error values).

Synchronization level: Set by subclass

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mbed::FileSystemLike::FileSystemLike ( const char *  name = NULL)

FileSystemLike lifetime

Member Function Documentation

FileHandle* mbed::FileSystemLike::open ( const char *  path,
int  flags 

Open a file on the filesystem

pathThe name of the file to open
flagsThe flags to open the file in, one of O_RDONLY, O_WRONLY, O_RDWR, bitwise or'd with one of O_CREAT, O_TRUNC, O_APPEND
A file handle on success, NULL on failure
Replaced by int open(FileHandle **, ...) for propagating error codes
DirHandle* mbed::FileSystemLike::opendir ( const char *  path)

Open a directory on the filesystem

pathName of the directory to open
A directory handle on success, NULL on failure
Replaced by int open(DirHandle **, ...) for propagating error codes

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