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Wait functions provide simple wait capabilities. The OS scheduler puts the current thread in waiting state, allowing another thread to execute. Even better: If there are no other threads in ready state, it can put the whole microcontroller to sleep, saving energy.

/** Waits for a number of seconds, with microsecond resolution (within
 *  the accuracy of single precision floating point).
 *  @param s number of seconds to wait
void wait(float s);

/** Waits a number of milliseconds.
 *  @param ms the whole number of milliseconds to wait
void wait_ms(int ms);

/** Waits a number of microseconds.
 *  @param us the whole number of microseconds to wait
void wait_us(int us);

Avoiding OS delay

When you call wait, your board's CPU is in a loop waiting for the required time to pass. Using the Arm Mbed RTOS, you can make a call to Thread::wait instead.


 #include "mbed.h"

 DigitalOut heartbeat(LED1);

 int main() {
     while (1) {
         heartbeat = 1;
         heartbeat = 0;

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