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The CellularBase provides a C++ API for connecting to the internet over a Cellular device.

Arm Mbed OS provides a reference implementation of CellularBase, which has more information.

CellularBase class reference

Public Member Functions
virtual void set_credentials (const char *apn, const char *uname=0, const char *pwd=0)=0
virtual void set_sim_pin (const char *sim_pin)=0
virtual nsapi_error_t connect (const char *sim_pin, const char *apn=0, const char *uname=0, const char *pwd=0)=0
virtual nsapi_error_t connect ()=0
virtual nsapi_error_t disconnect ()=0
virtual bool is_connected ()=0
virtual const char * get_ip_address ()=0
virtual const char * get_netmask ()=0
virtual const char * get_gateway ()=0
 Public Member Functions inherited from NetworkInterface
virtual const char * get_mac_address ()
virtual nsapi_error_t set_network (const char *ip_address, const char *netmask, const char *gateway)
virtual nsapi_error_t set_dhcp (bool dhcp)
virtual nsapi_error_t gethostbyname (const char *host, SocketAddress *address, nsapi_version_t version=NSAPI_UNSPEC)
virtual nsapi_error_t add_dns_server (const SocketAddress &address)
Additional Inherited Members
 Protected Member Functions inherited from NetworkInterface
virtual NetworkStackget_stack ()=0


To bring up the network interface:

  1. Instantiate an implementation of the CellularBase class.
  2. Call the connect(pincode, apn) function with a PIN code for your SIM card and an APN for your network.
  3. Once connected, you can use Mbed OS network sockets as usual.

Cellular example: connection establishment

This example establishes connection with the cellular network using Mbed OS CellularInterface.

#include "mbed.h"
#include "OnboardCellularInterface.h"

/* SIM pin code goes here */
#define PIN_CODE    "1234"

/* Network credentials like APN go here, e.g.,
    "apn, username, password" */
#define CREDENTIALS "internet"

/* Number of retries */
#define RETRY_COUNT 3

OnboardCellularInterface iface;

nsapi_error_t do_connect()
    nsapi_error_t retcode;
    bool disconnected = false;
    uint8_t retry_counter = 0;

    while (!iface.is_connected()) {

        retcode = iface.connect();
        if (retcode == NSAPI_ERROR_AUTH_FAILURE) {
            printf("\n\nAuthentication Failure. Exiting application\n");
            return retcode;
        } else if (retcode != NSAPI_ERROR_OK) {
            printf("\n\nCouldn't connect: %d, will retry\n", retcode);
        } else if (retcode != NSAPI_ERROR_OK && retry_counter > RETRY_COUNT) {
            printf("\n\nFatal connection failure: %d\n", retcode);
            return retcode;


    printf("\n\nConnection Established.\n");

    return NSAPI_ERROR_OK;

int main()
    /* Set Pin code for SIM card */

    /* Set network credentials here, e.g., APN*/

    printf("\n\nmbed-os-example-cellular, Connecting...\n");

    /* Attempt to connect to a cellular network */
    if (do_connect() == NSAPI_ERROR_OK) {
        printf("\n\nSuccess. Exiting \n\n");
        return 0;

    printf("\n\nFailure. Exiting \n\n");
    return -1;
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