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Here is a list of all modules:
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 Crypto APIs
 Public API
 Device Key
 Internal API
 LoRa MAC layer implementationThis module specifies the API implementation of the LoRaMAC layer
 stack layer that controls MAC layer underneathLicense: Revised BSD License, see LICENSE.TXT file include in the project
 EMAC (Ethernet Media Access Controller)
 EMAC Public Macros
 EMAC Private Macros
 EMAC Public Types
 PHY configurationConfiguration options for the PHY connected to the LPC EMAC
 EMAC configurationConfiguration options for the LPC EMAC
 SPMThe Secure Partition Manager (SPM) is responsible for isolating software in partitions,
managing the execution of software within partitions and providing IPC between partitions
 RoT-Service-APIThe C interface for a root of trust (RoT) Service in a partition
 Client-APIThe C interface for connecting to a Root of Trust Service and calling it
 NetsocketMbed OS Socket API
 NetinterfaceNetwork Interface classes
 Analogin hal functions
 Analogout hal functions
 Hardware CRCThe Hardware CRC HAL API provides a low-level interface to the Hardware CRC module of a target platform
 Critical Section HAL functions
 Flash HAL API
 GPIO HAL functions

Defined behavior

 GPIO IRQ HAL functions
 I2C Events Macros
 I2C Configuration Functions
 Synchronous I2C Hardware Abstraction Layer for slave
 Asynchronous I2C Hardware Abstraction Layer
 Instrumented Trace Macrocell HAL API
 Low Power TickerLow level interface to the low power ticker of a target
 MPU halThe MPU hal provides a simple MPU API to enhance device security by preventing execution from ram
 Port HAL functions
 Pwmout hal functions
 ResetReason HAL APILow-level interface to the ResetReason of a target
 RTC halThe RTC hal provides a low level interface to the Real Time Counter (RTC) of a target
 Serial TX Events Macros
 Serial RX Events Macros
 Serial Configuration Functions
 Asynchronous Serial Hardware Abstraction Layer
 sleep hal requirementsLow level interface to the sleep mode of a target
 SPI Configuration Functions
 Synchronous SPI Hardware Abstraction Layer
 Asynchronous SPI Hardware Abstraction Layer
 SPM HAL APIThe HAL functions for PSA SPM
 Ticker HAL functions
 TRNG hal functions
 Microsecond TickerLow level interface to the microsecond ticker of a target
 Watchdog HAL APILow-level interface to the Independent Watchdog Timer of a target
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