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SPI Configuration Functions


void spi_init (spi_t *obj, PinName mosi, PinName miso, PinName sclk, PinName ssel)
 Initialize the SPI peripheral. More...
void spi_free (spi_t *obj)
 Release a SPI object. More...
void spi_format (spi_t *obj, int bits, int mode, int slave)
 Configure the SPI format. More...
void spi_frequency (spi_t *obj, int hz)
 Set the SPI baud rate. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

void spi_format ( spi_t obj,
int  bits,
int  mode,
int  slave 

Configure the SPI format.

Set the number of bits per frame, configure clock polarity and phase, shift order and master/slave mode. The default bit order is MSB.

[in,out]objThe SPI object to configure
[in]bitsThe number of bits per frame
[in]modeThe SPI mode (clock polarity, phase, and shift direction)
[in]slaveZero for master mode or non-zero for slave mode
void spi_free ( spi_t obj)

Release a SPI object.

TODO: spi_free is currently unimplemented This will require reference counting at the C++ level to be safe

Return the pins owned by the SPI object to their reset state Disable the SPI peripheral Disable the SPI clock

[in]objThe SPI object to deinitialize
void spi_frequency ( spi_t obj,
int  hz 

Set the SPI baud rate.

Actual frequency may differ from the desired frequency due to available dividers and bus clock Configures the SPI peripheral's baud rate

[in,out]objThe SPI object to configure
[in]hzThe baud rate in Hz
void spi_init ( spi_t obj,
PinName  mosi,
PinName  miso,
PinName  sclk,
PinName  ssel 

Initialize the SPI peripheral.

Configures the pins used by SPI, sets a default format and frequency, and enables the peripheral

[out]objThe SPI object to initialize
[in]mosiThe pin to use for MOSI
[in]misoThe pin to use for MISO
[in]sclkThe pin to use for SCLK
[in]sselThe pin to use for SSEL
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