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Proof of concept - hardware and software selection

There are four major building blocks to an IoT solution:

  • Hardware: The physical device.
  • Connectivity: How your device connects to other devices and to the cloud.
  • Software: The operating system and application code running on the device that controls the logic of your application.
  • Security: What level of security your application requires.

Early in the proof of concept stage, you need to identify the hardware that you'll base your IoT device on. To choose the appropriate hardware, you need to understand how your device connects to the Device Management server, to other devices around it, what type of application you would like to run on top of the connectivity, and how secure you need the hardware to be. Additionally, you need to understand the software options available for your device, based on required hardware and connectivity.

We'll discuss each of these building blocks, and cover an example of a proof of concept to show how they come together.

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