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The process we introduce in this document assumes you are using Mbed OS, running on an Mbed-enabled board, to set up a device that can connect to Pelion Device Management. The first stage, therefore, is to evaluate these three concepts.

The Mbed OS-Pelion quick start

The fastest, easiest way to see how a device running Mbed OS can connect to Device Management is to use our quick start. The quick start uses one of our development tools - the Online Compiler - and walks you through the process of getting a sample application on your development device. The sample application combines Mbed OS, the connectivity libraries Device Management Client and Pelion Client, and a simple application logic. The quick start takes you all the way to interacting with your device through the Device Management Portal.

Releases and the codebases

Evaluating our development tools

Mbed OS is supported by dedicated development tools, which also integrate with Device Management, and which you can evaluate individually:

  • For the Online Compiler, use either the quick start above or the Online Compiler quick start. This is the fastest way to get started with Mbed OS development.
  • For Arm Mbed CLI, use the Mbed CLI quick start. For advanced stages of development, we suggest using Mbed CLI, which has more advanced features than the Online Compiler.

You can also export from the Online Compiler or Mbed CLI to other IDEs. The full list of supported IDEs is in the Mbed OS documentation.

Further reading

You can review the documentation for Mbed OS and for Device Management to learn about their full capabilities. You may find the following topics particularly interesting at this stage:

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