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We recommend installing Mbed CLI with our installer. If you need more customization, you can perform a manual install.

Prebuilt Mbed CLI installer

Download and run the macOS installer for Mbed CLI.

Tip: Mbed CLI may not work properly without some manual configuration of compiler, Git and Mercurial paths.

Manual installation

1. Download and install prerequisites

  • Python: Mbed CLI is a Python script, so you'll need Python to use it. We test Mbed CLI with Python versions 2.7.11, and with 3.6.5 and greater.

    macOS 10.8+ comes with Python 2.7 preinstalled by Apple. If you are running an earlier version of macOS, download and install Python versions 2.7.11 or 3.6.5 or later.

    Note: Python 3 usage is not compatible with Mbed OS versions older than 5.9 and Mbed CLI toolchain versions older than 1.7.2.

  • pip.

    To install Pip, run easy_install --user pip from your command-line.

    Note: Mbed CLI toolchain versions older than 1.5.1 are not compatible with pip version 10.0 (or newer). Please use the latest Mbed CLI with newer version of pip.

  • Git and Mercurial: Mbed CLI supports both Git and Mercurial repositories, and you may need libraries from both sources as you work, so please install both:

    • Git - version 1.9.5 or greater.
    • Mercurial - version 2.2.2 or greater.

Optional: Using a virtual environments

If your main environment has an unsupported Python version, you may want to install Mbed CLI on a virtual environment. Mbed CLI is compatible with Virtual Python Environment (virtualenv).

2. Install a compiler

Download and install one of the following compilers: GCC Arm, Arm Compiler 5, Arm Compiler 6 or IAR. To download the latest toolchains, visit the supported compilers page.

3. Install Mbed CLI

To install Mbed CLI, run pip install mbed-cli --user from your command-line.

You can verify Mbed CLI installed correctly by running mbed --version.

Note: You may also need to add the new Mbed CLI Python --user installation location (for example: /Users/{username}/Library/Python/2.7/bin) to the PATH.

4. Set up the environment

For any installed toolchain, be sure to add the Mbed CLI global configuration:

$ mbed config -G ARM_PATH <path to ARM bin\>"
[mbed] <path to ARM bin\> now set as global ARM_PATH

$ mbed config --list
[mbed] Global config:
ARM_PATH=<path to ARM bin\>

Note: You can also apply the same configuration to the IAR and GNU toolchains using IAR_PATH or GCC_ARM_PATH.

Tip: Mbed CLI may not work properly without some manual configuration of compiler, Git and Mercurial paths.

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