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Continuous integration

Continuous integration (CI) means mainly automatic testing for pull requests.

Travis CI

In Mbed OS Travis CI is used as primary automatic testing and checking run environment.

Travis configuration is located in the .travis.yml file in Mbed OS root directory. Mbed OS uses public travis so test results are publicly available and there are public documentation available.


  • continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr - Travis run main.
  • travis-ci/astyle - Check code style using astyle.
  • travis-ci/docs - Doxygen and naming checks:
    • Assert that the Doxygen build produces no warnings.
    • Assert that all binary libraries are named correctly.
    • Assert that all assembler files are named correctly.
  • travis-ci/doxy-spellcheck - Check Doxygen comments for spelling errors. Runs on header files in:
    • Drivers.
    • Platform.
    • RTOS.
    • Events.
    • Features/netsocket.
  • travis-ci/events - Check that Mbed OS compiles and run events tests.
  • travis-ci/gitattributestest - Check there are no changes after clone. This checks that .gitattributes is used correctly.
  • travis-ci/licence_check - Check there is no GPL licence text in the code.
  • travis-ci/littlefs - Test littlefs without embedded hardware.
  • travis-ci/tools-py2.7 - Run Python tools tests with Python 2.7.
  • travis-ci/psa-autogen - Runs PSA SPM code generator.
    • Asserts that all PSA manifests in the tree are in correct form.
    • Asserts that no changes need to be made.


We use Jenkins as an internal testing and checking environment. We execute tests that have special requirements for the execution enviroment in our internal Jenkins. In most cases, we publish test logs.

How it works:

  • Jenkins uses a scripted pipeline syntax.
  • Jenkins scripts are not publicly available. There is a Jenkinsfile in the Mbed OS root folder, but that is just a trigger for tests.
  • Jenkins selects required tests dynamically based on the code changes. For example, no tests execute if only markdown (.md) files change.
  • Jenkins runs a first small number of tests to provide fast feedback, and then it runs additional tests.


  • continuous-integration/jenkins/pr-head - Jenkins main pipeline script execution status.
  • jenkins-ci/build-ARM - Build Mbed OS and examples with ARM compiler. Related commands:
    • mbed test --compile -t <toolchain> -m <target>.
    • python -u mbed-os/tools/test/examples/examples.py compile <toolchain> --mcu <target>.
  • jenkins-ci/build-GCC_ARM - Build Mbed OS and examples with GCC_ARM.
  • jenkins-ci/build-IAR - Build Mbed OS and examples with IAR.
  • jenkins-ci/cloud-client-test - Test the change with mbed-cloud-client using the mbed-cloud-client-example.
  • jenkins-ci/dynamic-memory-usage - Report dynamic memory use compared to the master branch.
  • jenkins-ci/exporter - Export and build exported code. Related commands:
    • python -u mbed-os/tools/test/examples/examples.py export <exporter> --mcu <target>.
  • jenkins-ci/greentea-test - Run greentea tests.
  • jenkins-ci/mbed2-build-ARM - Build Mbed OS 2 with ARM compiler. Related commands:
    • python tools/build_release.py -p <target> -t <toolchain>.
  • jenkins-ci/mbed2-build-GCC_ARM - Build Mbed OS 2 with GCC_ARM.
  • jenkins-ci/mbed2-build-IAR - Build Mbed OS 2 with IAR.
  • jenkins-ci/unittests - Run unit tests.
  • tools-test-linux - Test that tools work on Linux.
  • tools-test-mac - Test that tools work on macOS.
  • tools-test-windows - Test that tools work on Windows.
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