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Deprecated: The EventQueue has superseded the RtosTimer. The RtosTimer and EventQueue duplicate the functionality of timing events outside of interrupt context; however, the EventQueue has additional features to handle deferring other events to multiple contexts.

RtosTimer class hierarchy

Use the RtosTimer class to create and control timer functions in the system. A timer function is called when a time period expires, so both one-shot and periodic timers are possible. You can start, restart or stop a timer.

The thread osTimerThread handles timers. Callback functions run under the control of this thread and may use underlying RTOS API calls.

RtosTimer class reference

Public Member Functions
 RtosTimer (void(*func)(void const *argument), os_timer_type type=osTimerPeriodic, void *argument=NULL)
 Create timer. More...
 RtosTimer (mbed::Callback< void()> func, os_timer_type type=osTimerPeriodic)
 Create timer. More...
template<typename T , typename M >
 RtosTimer (T *obj, M method, os_timer_type type=osTimerPeriodic)
 Create timer. More...
osStatus stop (void)
 Stop the timer. More...
osStatus start (uint32_t millisec)
 Start or restart the timer. More...
 ~RtosTimer ()
 RtosTimer destructor. More...

RtosTimer example

Control the timing of four LEDs.

#include "mbed.h"
#include "rtos.h"

DigitalOut LEDs[4] = {
    DigitalOut(LED1), DigitalOut(LED2), DigitalOut(LED3), DigitalOut(LED4)

void blink(void const *n) {
    LEDs[(int)n] = !LEDs[(int)n];

int main(void) {
    RtosTimer led_1_timer(blink, osTimerPeriodic, (void *)0);
    RtosTimer led_2_timer(blink, osTimerPeriodic, (void *)1);
    RtosTimer led_3_timer(blink, osTimerPeriodic, (void *)2);
    RtosTimer led_4_timer(blink, osTimerPeriodic, (void *)3);

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