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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 NbleEntry namespace for all BLE API definitions
 NBLEProtocolCommon namespace for types and constants used everywhere in BLE API
 NSafeBool_Private namespace used to host details of the SafeBool implementation
 C_ARM_DRIVER_STORAGEThis is the set of operations constituting the Storage driver
 C_ARM_STORAGE_BLOCKA storage block is a range of memory with uniform attributes
 C_ARM_STORAGE_BLOCK_ATTRIBUTESAttributes of the storage range within a storage block
 C_ARM_STORAGE_CAPABILITIESStorage Driver API Capabilities
 C_ARM_STORAGE_INFOStorage information
 C_ARM_STORAGE_SECURITY_FEATURESDevice Data Security Protection Features
 C_ARM_STORAGE_STATUSOperating status of the storage controller
 C_mbed_error_ctxMbed_error_ctx struct
 Cadr_req_params_tThis structure contains parameters for ADR request coming from network server
 CAPN_tAPN lookup struct
 Cargs_tFlash algo argument structure Contains all registers that should be preserved
 Cband_tDefault user application maximum data size for transmission
 CBatteryServiceBLE Battery service
 CBLEAbstract away BLE-capable radio transceivers or SOCs
 CBLEInstanceBasePrivate interface used to implement the BLE class
 CBlockDeviceA hardware device capable of writing and reading blocks
 Cbuffer_sGeneric buffer structure
 CBufferedBlockDeviceBlock device for allowing minimal read and program sizes (of 1) for the underlying BD, using a buffer on the heap
 CCallChainOfFunctionPointersWithContextFunction like object hosting a list of FunctionPointerWithContext
 CCAN_MessageHolder for single CAN message
 CChainingBlockDeviceBlock device for chaining multiple block devices with the similar block sizes at sequential addresses
 Cchannel_selection_params_sThe parameter structure for the function RegionNextChannel
 CCharacteristicDescriptorDiscoveryDefinitions of events and event handlers that the characteristic descriptor discovery procedure uses
 CCThunkClass for created a pointer with data bound to it
 CDataFlashBlockDeviceBlockDevice for DataFlash flash devices
 CDeviceInformationServiceBLE Device Information Service Service: https://developer.bluetooth.org/gatt/services/Pages/ServiceViewer.aspx?u=org.bluetooth.service.device_information.xml Manufacturer Name String Char: https://developer.bluetooth.org/gatt/characteristics/Pages/CharacteristicViewer.aspx?u=org.bluetooth.characteristic.manufacturer_name_string.xml
 CDiscoveredCharacteristicRepresentation of a characteristic discovered
 CDiscoveredCharacteristicDescriptorRepresentation of a characteristic descriptor discovered
 CDiscoveredServiceRepresentation of a GATT service discovered
 CEddystoneEddystone Configuration Service
 CEddystoneConfigServiceEddystone Configuration Service
 CEMACThis interface should be used to abstract low level access to networking hardware All operations receive a void * hw pointer which an emac device provides when it is registered with a stack
 CEMAC_CFG_TypeEMAC configuration structure definition
 CEMAC_PACKETBUF_TypeTX Data Buffer structure definition
 CEMACInterfaceEMACInterface class Implementation of the NetworkInterface for an EMAC-based driver
 CEnvironmentalServiceBLE Environmental Service
 CEthernetInterfaceImplementation of the NetworkStack for an EMAC-based Ethernet driver
 CEthInterfaceCommon interface that is shared between Ethernet hardware
 CExhaustibleBlockDeviceHeap backed block device which simulates failures
 CFATFileSystemFATFileSystem based on ChaN's Fat Filesystem library v0.8
 Cflash_algo_tTarget flash algorithm structure
 Cflash_sTarget flash configuration For targets not supporting TrustZone, its flash_set_target_config must define target_config
 Cflash_target_config_tFlash configuration structure
 CFlashIAPBlockDeviceBlockDevice using the FlashIAP API
 CFlashSimBlockDeviceFlash simulating block device
 CFunctionPointerWithContextFunction like object adapter over freestanding and member functions
 CGapDefine device discovery, connection and link management procedures
 CGapAdvertisingDataGAP advertising data builder
 CGapAdvertisingParamsParameters defining the advertising process
 CGapScanningParamsParameters defining the scan process
 CGattAttributeRepresentation of a GattServer attribute
 CGattCharacteristicRepresentation of a GattServer characteristic
 CGattClientDefine procedures required for interacting with a distant GATT server
 CGattHVXCallbackParamsHandle Value Notification/Indication event
 CGattReadAuthCallbackParamsGATT read authorization request event
 CGattReadCallbackParamsGATT Read event definition
 CGattServerConstruct and operates a GATT server
 CGattServerEventsAbstract events generated by a GattServer vendor port
 CGattServiceRepresentation of a GattServer service
 CGattWriteAuthCallbackParamsGATT write authorization request event
 CGattWriteCallbackParamsGATT Write event definition
 CHealthThermometerServiceBLE Health Thermometer Service
 CHeapBlockDeviceLazily allocated heap-backed block device
 CHeartRateServiceBLE Heart Rate Service
 Ci2c_tAsynch I2C HAL structure
 CiBeaconIBeacon Service
 CInternetSocketSocket implementation that uses IP network stack
 Clfs_entryLittlefs data structures ///
 Clink_adr_params_sStructure containing data for local ADR settings
 CLinkLossServiceThis service defines behavior when a link is lost between two devices
 CLittleFileSystemLittleFileSystem, a little filesystem
 CLockGuardRAII mutex locker
 Cloramac_tx_message_tStack level TX message structure
 CLoRaRadioInterface for the radios, contains the main functions that a radio needs, and five callback functions
 Clorawan_app_callbacks_tStack level callback functions
 Clorawan_connectLorawan_connect_t structure
 Clorawan_connect_abp_tThe lorawan_connect_abp structure
 Clorawan_connect_otaa_tThe lorawan_connect_otaa structure
 Clorawan_rx_metadataMeta-data collection for the received packet
 Clorawan_sessionLoRaWAN session
 Clorawan_tx_metadataMeta-data collection for a transmission
 CLoRaWANBaseCopyright (c) 2017, Arm Limited and affiliates
 CLoRaWANTimeHandler/ _____) _ | | ( (____ _____ ____ _| |_ _____ ____| |__ ____ | ___ | (_ _) ___ |/ ___) _ \ _____) ) ____| | | || |_| ____( (___| | | | (______/|_____)_|_|_| __)_____)____)_| |_| (C)2013 Semtech
 CLoWPANNDInterface6LoWPAN-ND mesh network interface class
 Cmbed_stats_cpu_tStruct mbed_stats_cpu_t definition
 Cmbed_stats_heap_tStruct mbed_stats_heap_t definition
 Cmbed_stats_stack_tStruct mbed_stats_stack_t definition
 Cmbed_stats_sys_tStruct mbed_stats_sys_t definition
 Cmbed_stats_thread_tStruct mbed_stats_thread_t definition
 CMBRBlockDeviceBlock device for managing a Master Boot Record https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_boot_record
 CMeshInterfaceCommon interface that is shared between mesh hardware
 CNanostackEthernetInterfaceEthernet interface for Nanostack
 CNanostackEthernetPhyEthernet PHY driver class for Nanostack
 CNanostackLockGuardRAII style Nanostack mutex acquisition
 CNanostackPhyPHY driver class for Nanostack
 CNanostackRfPhyRadio PHY driver class for Nanostack
 CNetworkInterfaceCommon interface that is shared between network devices
 Cnsapi_addrIP address structure for passing IP addresses by value
 Cnsapi_ip_mreqNsapi_ip_mreq structure
 Cnsapi_stackNsapi_stack structure
 Cnsapi_stack_apiNsapi_stack_api structure
 Cnsapi_wifi_apNsapi_wifi_ap structure
 CNVStoreNVStore class
 COnboardNetworkStackMbed OS API for onboard IP stack abstraction
 CPlatformMutexUsed to synchronize the execution of threads
 CProfilingBlockDeviceBlock device for measuring storage operations of another block device
 Cqspi_commandQSPI command
 Cradio_eventsRadio driver callback functions
 Cradio_fsk_packet_handlerRadio FSK packet handler state
 Cradio_fsk_settingsRadio FSK modem parameters
 Cradio_lora_packet_handlerRadio LoRa packet handler state
 Cradio_lora_settingsRadio LoRa modem parameters
 Cradio_settingsRadio settings
 CReadOnlyArrayGattCharacteristicHelper class that represents a read-only GattCharacteristic with an array value
 CReadOnlyGattCharacteristicHelper class that represents a read only GattCharacteristic
 CReadWriteArrayGattCharacteristicHelper class that represents a readable and writable GattCharacteristic with an array value
 CReadWriteGattCharacteristicHelper class that represents a readable and writable GattCharacteristic
 Crf_ctrlsCopyright (c) 2017, Arm Limited and affiliates
 CRX_DescRX Descriptor structure type definition
 Crx_message_uLora_mac_rx_message_by_type_t union
 Crx_param_setup_req_sContains rx parameter setup request coming from network server
 CRX_StatRX Status structure type definition
 CSafeBoolSafe conversion of objects in boolean context
 CSDBlockDeviceSDBlockDevice class
 Csector_info_tSector information structure
 Cserial_tAsynch serial HAL structure
 CServiceDiscoveryHost callback types needed by the service discovery procedure
 CSharedPtrShared pointer class
 CSingletonPtrUtility class for creating an using a singleton
 CSlicingBlockDeviceBlock device for mapping to a slice of another block device
 CSocketAbstract socket class
 Cspi_tAsynch SPI HAL structure
 CSPIFBlockDeviceBlockDevice for SFDP based flash devices over SPI bus
 CSPIFReducedBlockDeviceReduced BlockDevice for SPI based flash devices Should only be used by Boot Loader
 CSynchronizedIntegralThread safe wrapper for integral types
 CTCPSocketTCP socket connection
 CThreadInterfaceThread mesh network interface class
 Cticker_data_tTicker's data structure
 Cticker_event_queue_tTicker's event queue structure
 Cticker_event_sTicker's event structure
 Cticker_info_tInformation about the ticker implementation
 Cticker_interface_tTicker's interface structure - required API for a ticker
 Ctimer_event_tTimer object description
 Ctx_config_params_tTX configuration parameters
 CTX_DescTX Descriptor structure type definition
 CTX_StatTX Status structure type definition
 CUARTServiceBLE Service to enable UART over BLE
 CUDPSocketUDP socket implementation
 CURIBeaconConfigServiceUriBeacon Configuration Service
 Cutest_v1_scheduler_tThe scheduler interface consists out of the post and cancel functions, which you must implement to use utest
 CUUIDRepresentation of a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)
 Cverify_adr_params_sStructure used to store ADR values received from network for verification (legality) purposes
 CWiFiAccessPointWiFiAccessPoint class
 CWriteOnlyArrayGattCharacteristicHelper class that represents a write-only GattCharacteristic with an array value
 CWriteOnlyGattCharacteristicHelper class that represents a write only GattCharacteristic
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