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This section describes u-boot*.bb and u-boot*.bbappend entities in the UML diagram Figure 4.0.

The discussion is applicable to all targets.

u-boot*.bb: the top level virtual/bootloader control recipe

Figure 4.0 shows the meta-[soc-vendor] u-boot*.bb recipe used to build the bootloader. As discussed in Machine configuration files, the [soc-family].inc defines PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader = u-boot-XXXX to specify the bootloader recipe. The nominated bootloader recipe u-boot-XXXX (typically present in the meta-[soc-vendor] BSP layer) expresses its capability of being a virtual/bootloader provider by including PROVIDES=virtual/bootloader in the recipe. This relationship is expressed in Figure 4.0 by the dotted-line arrow between [soc-family].inc and the interface symbol attached to u-boot*.bb.

u-boot*.bbappend customization recipe

Figure 4.0 shows the meta-[soc-vendor]-mbl u-boot*.bbappend recipe used to customize the meta-[soc-vendor] BSP layer u-boot*.bb recipe as required for MBL. Customization typically involves:

  • Setting SRC_URI and SRCREV to point to a forked and patched version of U-Boot used for the target.
  • Applying additional patches stored in meta-[soc-vendor]-mbl.
  • Specifying new values of symbols to customize base recipe behavior.
  • Handling device trees.
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