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BSP recipe relationships

This section describes the main BSP recipe relationships using a UML diagram. The discussion is applicable to all targets.


Figure 4.0: The figure shows important configuration and recipe file relationships. meta-mbl repo entities are shown in blue, meta-[soc-vendor] in green, meta-optee in orange and openembedded-core in yellow.

Figure 4.0 illustrates the key relationships between important recipe and configuration packages in a UML diagram.

The model captures an abstract understanding of how the different recipe components fit together to control the MBL build for any target.

Note: An entity's color indicates the layer in which it resides and follows the same color coding used in Figure 3.7.

The ${MACHINE}.conf is the top level control file specifying how the key boot components (ATF, OP-TEE, U-Boot and Linux) form a working bootchain. It includes the ${machine}.conf supplied by the meta-[soc-vendor] BSP layer, which in turn includes [soc-family].inc. For more information on ${MACHINE}.conf, ${machine}.conf and [soc-family].inc, see Machine configuration files.

The [soc-family].inc specifies the U-Boot recipe by setting PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader = u-boot-XXXX. The u-boot*.bb base recipe controls building U-Boot as the bootloader, subject to machine configuration file settings. For more information on u-boot* processing, see u-boot*.

The [soc-family].inc specifies the Linux kernel recipe by setting PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = linux-XXXX. The linux*.bb base recipe controls building linux as the kernel, subject to machine configuration file settings. For more information on linux* processing, see linux*.

The atf-${MACHINE}.bb is the target specific ATF recipe that controls how the ATF components of the bootchain are built and packaged. atf-${MACHINE}.bb uses atf.inc, which encapsulates the generic ATF processing common to all targets. atf.inc uses optee-os.bb, which builds the OP-TEE component. For more information on atf-${MACHINE}.bb, atf.inc and optee-os.bb processing, see atf-${MACHINE}.bb.

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