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Machine configuration files

This section describes the ${MACHINE}.conf, ${machine}.conf and [soc-family].inc entities in the BSP recipe relationship UML diagram (Figure 4.0). The discussion is applicable to all targets.

${MACHINE}.conf: the top level BSP control file

Figure 4.0 illustrates the ${MACHINE}.conf machine configuration file using a UML class entity with symbols.

The MBL meta-[soc-vendor]-mbl ${MACHINE}.conf file includes the community meta-[soc-vendor] ${machine}.conf and customizes key symbols to specify how ATF, OP-TEE, U-Boot and linux will be built and configured. MBL uses ${MACHINE}.conf to override and modify the configuration specified configuration in ${machine}.conf.

The key symbols modified in ${MACHINE}.conf are:

  • PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/atf = "atf-${MACHINE}". This symbol in ${MACHINE}.conf specifies which recipe to use to build ATF. The recipe packages bootchain artifacts into the FIP image as specified in System architecture.
  • KERNEL_CLASSES = "mbl-fitimage". This symbol changes the kernel.bbclass processing to inherit the mbl-fitimage.bbclass, which packages the kernel in a FIT image as specified in System architecture.
  • KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "fitImage". This symbol customizes kernel.bbclass processing to generate a FIT image rather than a zImage, for example.
  • KERNEL_DEVICETREE = "XXX". This symbol definition is used to specify additional device trees that can be included in the FIT image.
  • UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT = "0xabcdefab". This symbol specifies the U-Boot entry point called by OP-TEE, for example.
  • UBOOT_DTB_LOADADDRESS = "0xabcdefab". This symbol specifies the memory address where the U-Boot DTB is loaded into memory.
  • UBOOT_SIGN_ENABLE = "1". This symbol enables FIT image signing of subcomponents by u-boot-mkimage.
  • MBL_WKS_BOOTLOADERxxx = "xxx". These symbols are used to set the offsets, sizes and filenames of bootloaders used in mbl.wks.in. See meta-mbl/meta-mbl-distro/classes/mbl-partitions.bbclass for details.

Partitioning software components into FIP/FIT image specifies that the Linux kernel image is packaged into a FIT image, so the kernel FIT image can be written to a dedicated partition and independently updated. FIT image generation is achieved using the linux*, kernel.bbclass, mbl-fitimage.bbclass and kernel-fitimage.bbclass entities shown in Figure 4.0, and by setting the symbols KERNEL_CLASSES and KERNEL_IMAGETYPE. See linux* and the kernel-fitimage.bbclass subsection for more details.

See Example: imx7s-warp-mbl BSP recipe/package relationships for details on the ${MACHINE}.conf file for imx7s-warp-mbl.

${machine}.conf: the community BSP control file

The meta-[soc-vendor] machine configuration files ${machine}.conf orchestrate U-Boot and kernel creation using virtual providers (see the section "Using Virtual Providers" in the Yocto Mega Manual). Virtual providers allow the selection of a specific package recipe from among several providers. For example, consider the case of two u-boot* recipes each providing the same package functionality by declaring they provide the virtual/bootloader symbolic package name:

  • u-boot-fslc.bb declares its ability to build a bootloader by specifying the virtual provider directive PROVIDES="virtual/bootloader".
  • u-boot-imx.bb declares the virtual provider directive PROVIDES="virtual/bootloader".

A ${machine}.conf (by including [soc-family].inc) selects a specific bootloader package recipe by setting the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader symbol to the actual recipe (package) name:


Figure 4.0 shows it is the [soc-family].inc recipe included by ${machine}.conf that specifies the virtual providers for the U-Boot and kernel components: [soc-family].inc is an include file containing target SoC symbol definitions common to a family of processors, and may be used in more than one ${machine}.conf. For example:

  • [soc-family].inc specifies the U-Boot recipe by setting PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader = u-boot-XXXX.
  • [soc-family].inc specifies the Linux kernel recipe by setting PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = linux-XXXX.

See imx-base.inc for an example of the [soc-family].inc recipe.

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