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Example: imx7s-warp-mbl BSP recipe/package relationships

Example: imx7s-warp-mbl recipe/package UML diagram

This section provides a concrete example of the UML diagram shown in Figure 4.0 for the i.MX7 Warp7 target MACHINE=imx7s-warp-mbl.


Figure 9.1: The UML diagram shows the relationships between the recipes and configuration files for the imx7s-warp-mbl target.

Figure 9.1 shows the imx7s-warp-mbl realization of recipes and configuration files shown in Figure 4.0.

This section discusses the meta-freescale and meta-freescale-3rdparty entities shown in green in the above figure:

  • imx7s-warp-mbl.conf: This is the meta-[soc-vendor]-mbl=meta-freescale-3rdparty-mbl machine configuration file for the target.
    • KERNEL_CLASSES = "mbl-fitimage": The mbl-fitimage.bbclass is inherited into kernel.bbclass processing by defining this symbol to include mbl-fitimage.
    • KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "fitImage": The kernel is packaged in a FIT image by specifying "fitImage".
    • # KERNEL_DEVICETREE="imx7s-warp.dtb": It's unnecessary to change this symbol here because the required "imx7s-warp.dtb" value is specified in imx7s-warp.conf.
    • UBOOT_CONFIG = "".
    • UBOOT_MACHINE = "warp7_bl33_defconfig": This is the U-Boot default configuration file to use.
    • UBOOT_CONFIG[sd] = "".
    • UBOOT_SUFFIX = "bin": This is used to enable U-Boot verified boot. See uboot-sign.bbclass for more information.
    • UBOOT_BINARY = "u-boot.${UBOOT_SUFFIX}": This is the U-Boot binary name.
    • UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT = "0x80800000": This is the U-Boot binary entry point.
    • UBOOT_DTB_LOADADDRESS = "0x83000000": This is the location where the U-Boot DTD is loaded into memory.
    • UBOOT_IMAGE = "mbl-u-boot.bin": This is the name of the U-Boot image.
    • UBOOT_SIGN_ENABLE = "1": This enables verified boot signing.
    • MBL_WKS_BOOTLOADER1_FILENAME = "bl2.bin.imx": This sets the file that WIC uses to populate the BL2 section of the flash partition layout.
    • MBL_WKS_BOOTLOADER1_OFFSET_BANK1_KiB = "1": This sets the offset of the BL2 section of the flash partition layout.
    • MBL_WKS_BOOTLOADER1_SIZE_KiB = "1023": This sets the size allocated for the BL2 section of the flash partition layout.
    • MBL_WKS_BOOTLOADER2_OFFSET_BANK1_KiB = "1024": This sets the offset of the first BL3 FIP bank in the flash partition layout.
    • MBL_WKS_BOOTLOADER2_ALIGN_KiB = "1024": This sets the alignment used for the BL3 FIP banks in the flash partition layout.
    • MBL_WKS_BOOTLOADER2_SIZE_KiB = "1024": This sets the size allocated for each BL3 FIP bank in the flash partition layout.
    • MBL_FLASH_ERASE_BLOCK_SIZE_KiB = "6144": This is used to determine the default alignment of partitions in the flash partition layout.
  • imx7s-warp.conf: This is the meta-[soc-vendor]=meta-freescale-3rdparty machine configuration file that provides the base BSP support for the NXP Warp7 target.
  • imx-base.inc: This is an example of the [soc-family].inc file and gives the virtual provider definitions:
    • PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader="u-boot-fslc".
    • PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel="linux-fslc".
  • linux-fslc_${PV}.bb: This is the Freescale NXP community maintained mainline Linux kernel BSP recipe with backported features and fixes. The package version symbol ${PV} is periodically updated to the next Linux kernel stable release version, for example, 4.9, 4.14, 4.19.
  • linux-fslc.inc: This is a common include file for linux-fslc* recipes. It specifies a Linux kernel default config, common dependencies and the inclusion of the imx-base.inc include file.
  • linux-imx.inc: This is the common include file for IMX SoCs that encapsulates the interface to the openembedded-core .bbclasses, including kernel.bbclass.
  • u-boot-fslc_${PV}.bb: This is the Freescale NXP community maintained mainline U-Boot BSP recipe with backported features and fixes. The package version symbol ${PV} is periodically updated to the next U-Boot stable release version, for example, 2018.07, 2018.11.

imx7s-warp-mbl recipe dependency graph

This section presents a recipe and machine configuration file dependency graph for the imx7s-warp-mbl target as an alternative way of visualizing the information shown in Figure 9.1.


  imx7s-warp-mbl.conf                                                                                 (1)
      KERNEL_XXX config                                                                               (2)
      KERNEL_CLASSES  = "mbl-fitimage"                                                                (3)
      KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "fitImage"
      UBOOT_XXX config                                                                                (4)
      MBL_WKS_BOOTLOADERxxx config                                                                   (5)
      IMAGE_BOOT_FILES config
      PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/atf = "atf-${MACHINE}"                                               (6)
      |   \-> atf-imx7s-warp-mbl.bb
      |           DEPENDS = ""
      |           \-> aft.inc
      |               DEPENDS += " openssl-native coreutils-native optee-os u-boot virtual/kernel"
      \-> imx7s-warp.conf                                                                             (7)
          MACHINEOVERRIDES =. "mx7:mx7d:use-mainline-bsp:"                                            (8)
          KERNEL_DEVICETREE = "imx7s-warp.dtb"
          \-> imx-base.inc                                                                            (9)
                # boot loader  recipe config
                PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot ??= "u-boot-fslc"                                           (10)
                PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader ??= "u-boot-fslc"                               (11)
                    \-> u-boot-fslc_XXXX.YY.bb                                                        (12)
                        \-> u-boot-fslc_%.bbappend                                                    (13)
                        \-> u-boot-fslc_%.bbappend                                                    (14)

                # kernel recipe config
                IMX_DEFAULT_KERNEL_use-mainline-bsp = "linux-fslc"                                    (15)
                PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ??= "${IMX_DEFAULT_KERNEL}"
                    \-> linux-fslc_X.YY.bb                                                            (16)
                    |   \-> linux-fslc.inc                                                            (17)
                    |       \-> linux-imx.inc                                                         (18)
                    |       |       inherit kernel <others removed to save space>
                    |       |           \-> kernel.bbclass
                    |       |                   inherit ${KERNEL_CLASSES}                             (19)
                    |       |                       \-> mbl-fitimage.bbclass                          (20)
                    |       |                               inherit kernel-fitimage
                    |       |                                   \-> kernel-fitimage.bbclass
                    |       |
                    |       |                               do_compile[depends] += "mbl-boot-scr:do_deploy"
                    |       |                                                                         (21)
                    |       |
                    |       \-> u-boot-sign.bbclass                                                   (22)
                    \-> linux-fslc_%.bbappend                                                         (23)
                    \-> linux-fslc_%.bbappend                                                         (24)

The diagram show the recipes and configuration files dependency graph for the imx7s-warp-mbl.

The figure above shows the recipes and machine configuration file dependency graph for the imx7s-warp-mbl:

  • (1) meta-freescale-3rdparty-mbl/conf/machine/imx7s-warp-mbl.conf is the ${MACHINE}.conf configuration file for imx7s-warp. See Figure 4.0 and Machine configuration files.
  • (2) The KERNEL_XXX symbols control Linux kernel and for FIT image generation. See linux* for more information.
  • (3) See (19).
  • (4) The UBOOT_XXX symbols control U-Boot image generation and the signing of FIT image components by the uboot-mkimage tool.
  • (5) This specifies bootloader offsets and sizes used to determine the flash partition geometry.
  • (6) This specifies atf-imx7s-warp-mbl.bb is to be used as the virtual/atf provider.
  • (7) meta-freescale-3rdparty/conf/machine/imx7s-warp.conf is the meta-[soc-vendor] ${machine}.conf configuration file for imx7s-warp-mbl.
  • (8) use-mainline-bsp is used to configure linux-fslc*. See (15).
  • (9) require meta-freescale/conf/machine/include/imx-base.inc.
  • (10) This makes the ATF recipe work because of DEPENDS += " u-boot ".
  • (11) This specifies the uboot-fslc recipe to be the virtual/bootloader provider.
  • (12) meta-freescale/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot-fslc_2018.09.bb, for example.
  • (13) meta-freescale-3rdparty/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot-fslc_%.bbappend.
  • (14) meta-freescale-mbl/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot-fslc_%.bbappend.
  • (15) Configured by MACHINEOVERRIDES including "use-mainline-bsp".
  • (16) meta-freescale/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_4.18.bb.
  • (17) meta-freescale/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc.inc.
  • (18) meta-freescale/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-imx.inc.
  • (19) As kernel.bbclass includes the line inherit ${KERNEL_CLASSES} and imx7s-warp-mbl.conf includes the line KERNEL_CLASSES = "mbl-fitimage", then the mbl-fitimage.bbclass is inherited by the kernel.bbclass.
  • (20) This generates the FIT image according to the MBL specification.
  • (21) This is how the dependency on mbl-boot-scr is introduced for the BSPs.
  • (22) This is used for FIT image signing.
  • (23) meta-freescale-3rdparty/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_%.bbappend.
  • (24) meta-freescale-3rdparty-mbl/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc_%.bbappend.
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