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Building an MBL developer image

Tip: If you downloaded an evaluation image, you can skip the build stage and go directly to writing.

Please note that each release has its own branch. Throughout this guide, the release branch is assumed to be mbl-os-0.6.

Prerequisite: setting up the build scripts

Note: You need to use an SSH agent to build. For usage, see the GitHub SSH documentation.

If you haven't already done so, check out the relevant branch from the mbl-tools repository (in this example, we use mbl-os-0.6):

$ git clone git@github.com:ARMmbed/mbl-tools.git --branch mbl-os-0.6

The repository includes the run-me.sh script, which:

  1. Creates and launches a Docker container that encapsulates the MBL build environment.
  2. Launches a build script (the build-mbl tool), build.sh, inside the container.

To invoke the run-me.sh help menu, use:

./mbl-tools/build-mbl/run-me.sh -h

To invoke the build.sh help menu, use:

./mbl-tools/build-mbl/run-me.sh -- -h
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