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Verifying that the device is connected to Device Management

When the device boots into MBL, mbl-cloud-client automatically starts and connects to Device Management. You can check whether it has connected by:

  • Checking the device status on the Device Management Portal.

  • Reviewing the log file for mbl-cloud-client at /var/log/mbl-cloud-client.log.

    Here is an example log output of a successful connection:

    2018-12-06T07:11:58+0000 [INFO][mClt]: MbedCloudClient::complete status (0)
    2018-12-06T07:11:58+0000 [INFO][mbl ]: Client registered
    2018-12-06T07:11:58+0000 [INFO][mbl ]: Endpoint Name: 0167827df31500000000000100100032
    2018-12-06T07:11:58+0000 [INFO][mbl ]: Device Id: 0167827df31500000000000100100032

If your device hasn't automatically connected to Device Management, it could be that:

  • Networking wasn't configured before the device was rebooted. Check your configurations and reboot the device.

  • There are issues with the network. The device retries periodically, but you may need to restart mbl-cloud-client:

    /etc/init.d/mbl-cloud-client restart
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