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Signing up or logging in to Device Management Portal

I don't have any kind of Mbed account

To use Device Management Portal, you need an Mbed.com account. Creating an Mbed.com account also lets you access other Mbed.com websites.

To create an Mbed.com account and log in to Device Management Portal:

  1. Go to Device Management Portal.
  2. Choose the Log in with your Mbed.com account option.
  3. Select the Sign up tab to enter your details.
  4. Provide your full name, email, country, username, and password.
  5. You are now logged into the Mbed console.
  6. Request Device Management access from the Mbed console by clicking Request access in the Device Management panel.
  7. You will receive an activation email from Device Management.
  8. When you have your activation email, go to the Device Management Portal and choose Log in with your Mbed.com account again.
  9. Enter your new account details to log in.
  10. You can now use the portal.

I already have an Mbed.com or Device Management account

Note: If you have both a pre-existing Pelion and Mbed.com account, you cannot access information from one account while logged into the other.

  1. Go to Device Management Portal.
  2. Choose an account login option: Log in with your Mbed.com account or Log in with Pelion.
  3. Enter your email or username and password for your account.
  4. You can now use Device Management Portal.

Note: If you are logging in with an Mbed.com account, other people whom you may wish to collaborate with on Device Management Portal must also use an Mbed.com account and not a Device Management account. Likewise, if you are using a Device Management account, others you work with must also use a Device Management account. Users who join your group through an invite link and create an account that way will have a Device Management account.

Tip: You can upgrade your existing free account into a commercial one without losing any existing data. For information, contact the Arm sales team.

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